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think i have breast cancer!?
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think i have breast cancer!?

Hi, i had never done a self breast exam before untill about 3 months ago, when i did i found my breasts were really lumpy. Being only 16 i didnt know much about breast cancer so i did some research on the internet but i came to the conclusion i have fibrocystic breasts and left it at that. But the past month and a half i have noticed some symptoms of breast cancer (dimpling, slightly inverted nipple, breast pain, change in shape) and about 2 weeks ago i found a large solid smooth lump deep inside my right breast that does not move! Im really scared i have breast cancer and its literually all i can think about, i have no idea how to talk to my mum about it and im terrified of going to the doctor about it. Do you think i have BC?

Id really appreciate it if someone could give me an anwser.
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Dear Lynsey_x,

It’s good that you are conscious about your breast health at such a young age. However, teenagers have a generalized lumpy feel in their breasts (due to hormonal effects) and it is normal. Some degree of pain, especially during the periods is also pretty normal. You may also be having dimpling or inverted nipple, but they are most likely not related to any serious underlying disease. If the solid smooth lump is truly there (apart from the generalized lumpy feel), then in all probability it could be a benign lump (not cancer).Breast cancer in teenage years is rare, that is why breast self examination is not recommended before age 20 years. Hence I feel that you have no reason to get worried so much.

However, to get this thing out of your mind, and also to exclude the rare chance of your lumps being related to cancer, you need consultation with a doctor. The best way to get about it is to talk to your mother. She should be the best person to approach. Do not say that you think you have breast cancer. Just say that you are having some breast problems which are not uncommon at this age and needs to be investigated.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards
Dr. Indranil Ghosh.
Thank you for the anwser, it has really helped calm me down. Im going to think about what to say to my mum and get a doctors appointment asap.

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