thread viens and red/purplish marks
by shadowkat, Oct 19, 2003
A few months ago I went to my gp because I had noticed tiny red thread viens on my right breast (my right breast is bigger than my left always has been)he said that they were superficial viens and that i shouldnt be concerned as he couldnt feel a lump or anything tethered to the skin........This went away over the summer and now has come back but its not there all the time it comes and goes its not there when i wake in the mornings or when i dont wear a bra it doesnt feel hot and is not a rash more like a patchy bruise..and not all over the breast does anyone know what could be causing this ie pressure on the breast etc??many thanks
by CCF-RN,MSN-JS, Oct 20, 2003
Dear shadowkat, Like the rest of the body the breast has veins and arteries.  At times these might be more visible than others especially the veins closer to the surface of the skin.  It could be the pressure of your breast that these show up more as the day wears on.  Possibly your bra might be causing some pressure?
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by shadowkat, Oct 25, 2003
Thank you for your reply I went to the dr thursday and he had a look and said that I shouldnt be concerned as Im probably squishing it with out knowing.So will my breast continue to look like this as it is a habit that I have of putting my arm across it??Thanks
by SwishPanicker, Nov 14, 2009
I have small pale red marks on my breasts. They look like they are spots but they are not because the skin is perfectly flat.
I am quite young so I'm not sure what this is.