ultrasound black spot
by worried247651, Jan 11, 2008
Today, I had an ultrasound on my left breast, after having had a mammogram on both breasts.  The ultrasound showed a black spot, above the nipple, slightly to the right.  The technician would only say I had nothing to worry about.   I am worried.  Could someone tell me what the black spot is and what I need to do about it?
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by Dennis MD, Jan 12, 2008
What is the official result of your breast ultrasound?
A breast ultrasound will differentiate between a solid and a cystic breast mass based on a specific echo pattern.  Cystic masses would appear as black on ultrasound.
Please bring the ultrasound result to your doctor for further evaluation.
Good luck.
by worried247651, Jan 12, 2008
Thanks for the response - your info really helped me.  Thanks for taking the time.

by butterscotch23, Feb 13, 2008
Can you please let me know what you found out about your black spot on your ultrasound? I, too, have a black spot above the mass that was detected on my ultrasound, and although I am scheduled for a biopsy on Monday, the curiousity is killing me! My poor husband is convinced that I have cancer, and I am ok with whatever happens, but I just need to know so I can get control of my life again. Thanks for your speedy reply, and God bless you!
by heuresis, Jul 06, 2010
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