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what does intermediate nuclear grade mean
my diagnoses is dcis in situ.intermediate nuclear grade with lobular extension present in 1 of 6 cores.focal atypical duct hyperplasia.  
i am 45 whoes mom and aunt died very young from cancer and also gramma on mom side too. mu dad 75 has rare bone cancer. i am thinking of double mastermony whant no radition or chance of coming back/.
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Grading refers to the appearance of the cancer cells under the microscope.The grades give an idea of how quickly the cancer may develop.There are three grades 1(low grade)
2(moderate or intermediate grade)
3( high grade)

Grade 1 means low histologic grade and is favorable.  Grade 2 means intermediate histologic grade and is moderately favorable.  Grade 3, on the other hand, means high histologic grade and is unfavorable.

I really cannot advise you or give my opinion regarding your decision for a double mastectomy.Whatever choice you make in accordance with your team of doctors will probably be the best choice in your particular situation.Good luck and God Bless.
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