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burns from electric sparks
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burns from electric sparks

My bro-in-law burnt his face and hands six months ago due to some electrical sparks from switchboard, however his skin is recovered on face but the skin on his right hand is not recovered and a burned nerve is clearly visible due to which life has become horrible for him.
A lot of doctors have examined rather experimented on his hand viz., medical patches, some powder sprinkled, advised for plastic surgery etc., but till date nothing could cure that burnt nerve , neither new skin is recovered nor the pain has reduced.
Kindly advise some pointblank remedy instead of experimentations.
Extremely sorry for using this sort of lingo.
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Speaking in general terms, a burn will not only burn the skin but will also burn the nerves.  When the nerves are injured this produces severe pain often called neuropathic pain.   Some time this can evolve into what is also known as a complex regional pain syndrome.  A good starting point are drugs like elavil as well as lyrica or neurontin.  The doses of these drugs need to be gradually increased until the magic level is found.  Occupational therapy can also be helpful as they can do some therapy to desensitize the area.  

I would refer  you to see a board certified pain specialist.  Beware, not all doctors who report to be pain doctors have training in the treatment of chronic pain.  
Dear Doctor,

A  Keloid is formed in the web i.e., between thumb & index finger of the right hand due to which thumb movement is restricted, for which an injection "KENACORT" ( TRIAMCINOLONE ACETONIDE) is injected in that keloid.   Kindly advise.

Thanks & Regards
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