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This is a group for Canadian women that are going through-> *TTC *Pregnancy (and everything that goes with it) *Post Pregnancy *Mother Hood (any Canadian that has kids of any age) *Anything and Everything a Canadian mom wants to ask ->Unnecessary comments and behaviour will not be tolerated! It is in the hope that this group will provide some answers to those that are living in the same country. Not everywhere is the same and we all know our medical systems work in different ways. *Here's to making new friends and helping each other out!

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Welcome everyone! We all know how hard it can be when we have a question and cant seem to get an answer that fits.
I know so many women that don't understand why so many other women get to go in right away for an ultrasound and then continue on through their pregnancy having them...
Well ladies we are Canadian, which mean we get one, unless there is reason to believe that something is wrong or you are high risk. Oh but sometimes you might luck out, I did this time, I had my first u/s at 8 weeks, my Doctor wanted to make sure I was correct on my dates.
Not all Doctors in Canada check your Hcg levels. This to is really nothing to worry about unless you are having complications.
These are just a few of the concerns that may be running through your head, so please share any concerns you may have and we will all try to get the best possible answers!
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Hi! Just figured I'd introduce myself! I'm 20 years old and a first time single mom living in BC so I've had a ton of questions come up! Lol

I never did get my hcg levels checked, which did worry me because everyone else I knew knew their levels! But baby must have been fine because I'm 13w5d now!
I had my first ultrasound at 9w2d, however I thought I was almost 11weeks at the time, and it was for dating purposes as well which obviously proved handy! My next ultrasound will be at 18 weeks, and I scheduled a 3d ultrasound on May 10th at 21 weeks to find out the gender!

I'm just about to make some calls to start the search for a midwife, which luckily BC does fully cover, however I have no idea how to go about this process, so I'm just going to call the two places here and hope for the best! Lol.

Besides all this my pregnancy has been going perfectly smooth and I pray it continues that way and I can't wait to meet my beautiful baby <3
Hello everyone!

My name is Sandi and I am 36 years old from the Toronto area.  I have one son (8 months old) who has Down syndrome.  We are TTC our second child, but I have been recently told that I have blocked tubes (possibly resulted from scaring from my C-Section).  We had been referred to a fertility doctor because I have a pituitary tumour which prevents ovulation unless I take a certain medication.  I have recently started taking this medication again (Dostinex) which is how we got pregnant the first time.  Unfortunately we have not been able to conceive after 5 months of trying.  So the fertility doctor ordered a few tests, one being a HSG test, and the results say my tubes are now blocked.  I am wondering if anyone has had the same problem, because the doctor told us that if indeed my tubes are truly blocked, our only course of action is IVF.  Does anyone know if this is true?  I read on various posts that blocked tubes can be corrected with tubal surgery (but it appears this procedure is only in the USA!)  Anyone know of other alternatives here in Canada?
My name is Heather and I live in a small town close to London, Ontario. Today I am 16weeks 3days pregnant with my first. DH and I are super excited!
I know one of you mentioned the Canadian forum to me before and I forgot about it until I came across it today!!
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