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Bladder Cancer in 15 year old Dog
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Bladder Cancer in 15 year old Dog

My sister's kelpie mix dog who is 15 has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer, she is having an ultrasound shortly to see how long she has left. Is there any medication that could prolong her life, apart from arthritis she is healthy.
I have heard that a mix of flax seed oil and cottage cheese can help slow it down alot, has anyone ever tried this or have any knowledge about bladder cancer.
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Avatar dr f tn
I am very sorry to hear about your sisters dog. Although standard chemotherapy, radiation and surgery may not be viable options for her at this point natural, holistic therapies combined with traditional veterinary medicine and diet offer these dogs pain relief and the ability to enjoy the highest quality of life possible.

Generally, when standard therapy is not a viable option,we have had success treating dogs suffering with similar conditions using prednisone, a steroid which is warranted in these cases to help relieve pain, promote appetite and slow cancer cell growth. We also recommend an anti-cancer diet and add in a natural, patented vitamin supplement called PAAWS, which contains many of the nutrients listed below.

Although eating healthy is the best tool in the fight against cancer, once cancer takes hold certain dietary changes may be help the patient fight against the effects of the cancer. Tumor cells rely heavily upon carbohydrates for their energy and rob the body of amino acids.

On the other hand, tumor cells cannot utilize lipids (fats) for energy while the rest of the body can. As such, diets with increased fat content may slow tumor growth, allowing the patient to fight against the tumor. Protein content must be maintained a levels sufficient for tissue repair, but carbohydrates should be held to a minimum. For those who prefer to prepare their dogs food, the following diet contains the ingredients important for cancer patients. In addition, it supplies the important nutrients for cancer protection.

Home cooked anti-cancer diet: (for a dog weighing between 60-90 pounds)
o 4 oz Pork Back Fat (boiled, baked or fried in olive oil)
o 4 oz Tofu (firm soybean curd)
o 2 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
o 2 Whole Carrots (boiled and then cut up)
o 1 cup Spinach (cooked)
o 4 Tbs Green Bell Pepper (chopped and steamed)
o 4 Broccoli Spears (boiled and then cut up)
o 2 Sardines (in olive oil, drained)
o 2 cloves raw Garlic (crushed and added before serving)
o 1 tsp dry, ground Ginger (added before serving)
o ½ tsp dry, yellow Mustard (added before serving)

I know the anti-cancer diet does not look very appetizing however we have had success with this in our canine cancer patients and the dogs enjoy eating it.

Below is a brief listing of supplements that may be helpful with cancer treatment.  No doses are provided because every animal should receive an individual evaluation. Natural, full spectrum, patented vitamin supplements such as PAAWS have proved to be very beneficial for many canine cancer patients in our veterinary hospital and act synergistically with other alternative cancer therapies.

Supplements to consider

Look for the * - these are considered essential supplements:

•FISH OIL OR OTHER OMEGA-3 FATTY ACID SOURCES:  fish oil appears to reduce cancer spread; enhance natural defense mechanisms and fight inflammation.

•VITAMIN A:  Vitamin A and beta-carotene enhance immune function and may prevent some forms of cancer.  Be careful though – a large study suggested that beta-carotene accelerated development of lung cancer in smokers.  This might be important if your pet lives with a smoker.

•VITAMIN C:  like Vitamins A and E, adequate Vitamin C levels may lower cancer risk; supplementation may enhance effects of cancer therapy and reduce their potential toxicity.  The antioxidant function of Vitamin C may also reduce inflammation.

•VITAMIN E:  evidence suggests that Vitamin E prevents cancer.  Vitamin E does stimulate immunity and may help counteract the side effects of chemotherapy.

•SELENIUM:  strongly associated with a decreased risk of cancer; supplementation may reduce side effects of chemotherapy.

•COENZYME Q10:  may decrease toxicity of the chemotherapeutic drug Adriamycin.  Also acts as an antioxidant therefore, enhances immune functions.

•ARGININE:  enhances immune function in cancer studies.

•PYCNOGENOL:  powerful antioxidant comes from grape seed extract.

•MELATONIN:  suppresses several types of cancer.

•GLANDULARS:  extracts of thymus gland, for instance, may contain agents called cytokines helpful in managing cancer.

Immune Stimulants worthy of consideration include:

• Reishi (ganoderma) and Maitake mushroom extracts stimulate the immune system by presenting unique macromolecules to the intestinal tract, where they alter the immune regulation by intestinal antigen processing systems. In addition, maitake mushroom extract has been shown to activate NK Killer cells which attack tumor cells and to prevent destruction of T-Helper cells. There is no known toxicity from these mushroom extracts. Use ¼ the adult human dose for small dogs, ½ for medium dogs and the equivalent dose in large dogs.

You may want to consider adding Essiac tea, Wheatgrass extract, Soybean Concentrate or Chlorella, Note:none are proven and are are only anecdotal,  

Homeopathic Cancer Therapies
There are veterinarians who specialize in homeopathic treatment, and those who have a special interest in homeopathic treatment of cancer.  Any pet owner considering homeopathic cancer treatment should consult a homeopathic veterinarian.  This is a brief list of some homeopathic agents often used in cancer treatments and this prescription is best left to the specialists.

• Tumor nosodes – vaccines made from cancer cells

Homeopathic: no food ten minutes before or after giving

• Silicea 6c – give one pellet once every two days for four weeks.

• Phosphorus 6c – give one pellet once every two days for four weeks for tumors which bleed persistently.

I hope this information is helpful and am available should you want to discuss this further.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM
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Thankyou so much for your quick lengthy response. I have forwarded your comments to my sister and she was also very appreciative and will be starting Sammy on the diet immediately.

kind regards - Carolyn
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