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Enlarged Lymph Node with normal white blood cell
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Enlarged Lymph Node with normal white blood cell

My miniature schnauzer, male, 9 years old.

Three days before, I found 3 enlarged lymph node around his neck on and yesterday I took him to the vet with results as follows:
1) little bit fever, slightly slow heart rate;
2) no other seriously enlarged lymph node found except around the neck;
3) serious dental problem with bleeding gums and mouth ulcer;
4) suspected little bit breath problem found when opening his mouth for examination;
4) blood test normal;
5) based on the initial "microscopy cytology", the lymph node apparently does not like cancer cell, however, the "samples" should be send to the laboratory further exam to ascertain whether it is cancer cell.
1) Noroclav TRU Injection;
2) Metronidazole 200 mg and Clavamox 125 mg for 2 weeks

Follow-up: the vet request us to go back for follow-up within 3-5 days.

Overall, the consultation didn't give me great confidence on going back to this vet.  So, just starting to do some research before finding another vet for a second opinion on what further steps should be taken to help my dog.  After reading the professional reply on the posts, I really hope that  some advice could be given to me.

Any thoughts on my case would be very much appreciated.
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EVO dog food, K9 Immunity- starve the cancer cells! NO CARBS or SUGAR! I have done so much research in the past 2 weeks. Cancer cells feed off of carbs & sugar, EVO brand dog food id 80% real meat & 19% fruits & vegitables. The Missing link supplament has the omega 3 & a multi- vitamin in pill form is the best thing you can do for your dog. Talk to your Oncologyst about it. I am in high hopes that with this action and Chemo I can keep my girl for a little longer.
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Hello, I am sorry to hear about your dog and glad to help. I would get a biopsy of the lymph node so you can rule out for example Lymphoma cancer. Depending on the biopsy results, you can then proceed strategically to improve your dogs condition.

The Clavamox will be somewhat helpful with the dental disease although we usually recommend a broad spectrum antibiotic, effective against bacteria usually found in the mouth like Baytril or Orbax. Clavamox is generally better used for skin issues and dermatitis.

The oral ulcers may likey be related to the dental problems. Flushing out the mouth 2-3 times a day, with a solution of cool salt water ( 2 TBSP salt mixed into 1 cup of cool distilled water) will also help to heal the oral ulcers and stop the gums bleeding. Be sure to keep his head down so he doesn't swallow this.

Why your dog was prescribed the Metronidazole, I can not say. This is usually used for Giardia, fecal protozoa, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and other diarrhea problems.

I would be glad to review lab work and help further.

Best Wishes
Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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I would be extremely interested to hear how your mini has progressed.  I am in a very similar situation.  
Behavior changes occurred approx. 1 month ago.  Became depressed, hanging head, crying for no reason.  Multiple tests were run but came back negative for lymphoma and valley fever.  Antibiotics were started.
Behavior gradually improved but neck lymph nodes are extremely swollen now and causing wheezing.
No others nodes are swollen.  2nd series of aspirations suggest he's still negative for lymphoma and valley fever.  
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Hello, I'm really hoping you might help me figure out what to do next with my GSD? It started out with swollen lymph nodes under the jaw. Left side being larger then the right.. We then had a cytology/needle biopsy done on a swollen lymph node on the left leg. Vet suggested this because she said it was larger then the others. I didn't even know it was effected. Test came back Lymphoid Hyperplasia. Vet decided Clavamox. So 7 days of that with no response, infact it worsened to the swelling of his mouth. I went to a different vet and had some blood work done. Everything came back normal.  Now my boy is on Prednisone for a month. Still has sores in his mouth and on back of left leg. Please Help Him.
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