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Need Help Anyone knowledgeable about Possible Cancer of the Heart? Or ...
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Need Help Anyone knowledgeable about Possible Cancer of the Heart? Or Removal ofthe pericardical Sack

Hello- I am looking to see if anyone has been dealing with what my 8 year  old dog has. He has been developing pericardial effusion and has had them drained and sometimes has fluid drained from ab and lung area. The Cardio Dr. suspects Cancer because he says the dogs effusion is all bloody and increasing. Nothing can be seen on Xrays or Ultrasound. There is a surgry to remove the pericardial sak however it is very expensive and very intece for the dog. The Cardio Dr. is not reccomedning the surgery now because the effusion keeps returning however we could have it done but not sure it we want our dog to go through that open heart surgey and we trust the Cardi Dr. Has anyone have any advice for me what hurts the most is not knowing if it is cancer, I guess they would be able to tell if he had the surgry but if it was we might have to put him down at that time. He is having good days and bad days and I am keeping a watchful eye the cardi dr has him on Yunnan Baiyao. It's so hard
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I found this on a I copied it for you...
In dogs the two main categories used to describe causes of pericardial effusion are
neoplasia (cancer) and idiopathic (unknown cause). The presence or absence of a
cancerous mass as the cause is confirmed by a veterinary cardiologist during an
echocardiogram (cardiac ultrasound). If no mass is identified on the
echocardiogram, the effusion is considered idiopathic. Rarely, conditions such as
bleeding disorders, rupture of cardiac chambers, or trauma cause pericardial
In patients with cancerous causes, usually one of two tumor types is present:
hemangiosarcoma (HSA) or chemodectoma (heart base mass, HBM). Certain
breeds, such as Golden retrievers and German Shepherds are more likely to
develop hemangiosarcoma. Brachycephalic (short-faced or short-headed) breeds
such as Pugs, Boston Terriers, Boxers, and Bulldogs, are more likely to develop
heart base masses.
If my dog has pericardial effusion, what are the chances the cause is cancer?
Approximately 50/50. A small number of dogs considered to have an ‘idiopathic’
cause may have cancer that is too small to be identified on ultrasound.Prognosis for dogs with pericardial effusion is variable depending on the cause. In
patients where the cause is considered idiopathic, some may live months without
recurrence. Upon recurrence, surgical removal of the pericardium, or
pericardiectomy, is recommended.
Dogs with heart base masses may also live many months prior to recurrence.
Surgical resection of the tumor is not possible but pericardiectomy is also
recommended in these patients on second recurrence and has been shown to
improve survival. Dogs can live many months to years following their diagnosis.
In dogs with hemangiosarcoma, the prognosis is poor. Surgical resection is rarely
possible and these tumors are highly metastatic (easily spread to other organs).
Survival is expected to be from a few weeks to less than 4-6 months but quality of
life between episodes is usually good. Chemotherapy may provide a small survival benefit.
Hello- Thank you again for that information. I am really amazed how helpful you have been :-)

Opps was not done... I have been looking at the Internet now and I belive what the Cardi say is stating it is or he belives  is the Hemangiosarcoma :(  So sad I still don't know what to do,  I am going to watch and make sure he breaths ok and is eating and drinking and that his tummy does not fill up. However, at this time I thinking the surgry might not be his best option it is very invasive and low chance. Any thoughts? Thanks
I wanted to also add that I found a homeopathic vet and going to see if I can get him on Monday for a consult. The Yunnan pill the Cardio Dr. has his on really seems to help
Yes...I was also just reading on the sounds like it may help...and that is wonderful.  I have been wondering if there is any type of special diet that you could put him on....?  Ask your holistic vet about this.
When it comes to the idea of surgery....
I don't know what I would do, If I were in your shoes.
I do know, that you are doing the best you can for your are looking at all the options, and now you are doing research on the subject.  You will ask better questions, and make better decisions if you are better informed.
Your dog is lucky to have you .
May I ask What kind of dog he is, and what is his name...?
I will be thinking of you both, and watching this post...
Let me know how things are going....
Hello Connie,

He is a Silky Terrier named Stitch.  He is very lucky to have found the Cardi Dr. & assitants  he has  has been wonderful to Stitch  and saved his life. Just tough choices ahead, thank you for the support and kind words :-) I will def. keep you posted.
Hi I submitted a photo of my baby :-)  This one was taken after a long day at the beach during the summer :)
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