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26 with cancer ..scared
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26 with cancer ..scared

I think I might have the symptoms of stomach or colon cancer possibly late stage, I am 26 years old
I know that I should see a doctor and I do have an appointment , but I just want to know if this looks like symptoms of late stage stomach or colon cancer.
or any stage stomach colon cancer

pain in abdomen (ussally is in upper left but sometime moves)

pain in left side of back

really bad rumbling in my stomach
( it can get really loud at times)

diareah mixed with constipation

mucus in stool (not always but sometimes)

when I wiped there was bright red blood on the paper, The doctor gave me a FOBT test and two were positive and 1 was negative

the doctor also said there was a small amount of blood in my urine( thats
got me affraid that if it is cancer it has spread)

I have lost my appetite (just dont feel hungry anymore)

I have lost about 10 pounds ( the weight loss was before I lose my appetite, when I was still eating good.

I am always sick to my stomach

and theres a really bad pressure or fullness in my stomach that
seems to get worse when i eat or when i am standing up

I am so affraid that I have cancer , and I know that if I do it is in a late stage, because of all my symptoms, I really dont think this could be anything but cancer, is there anything that could cause these symptoms besides cancer, does these sound like colon cancer symptoms, and if anybody reading this has been diagnosed what were your symptoms, and
what is your age. I am very upset right now so if any one can please reply ASAP thanks
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Bright red blood means that it has not been digested so it would not be in your stomach or upper GI tract.  You probably have something in your lower colon (colitis, Crohn's ,etc.) which may be easily be treated with medication.  The sooner you get a GI (gastroenterologist) and get it checked out, the better.  You could be getting the blood in the urine from an infection.

Worst cases aren't always cancer.

I've had massive GI problems and have had cancer (not GI but another form of cancer).  Sometimes the most difficult and obvious things *aren't* cancer (mine was a twisted colon which required resection and resulted in ulcerating colitis) - my cancer was completely asymptomatic.
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