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Adrenal Adenoma
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Adrenal Adenoma

Bottom Line (even if it's at the top!):
I am really torn on how big of a stink I should make about my adrenal adenoma. How big do you let it get before you take it out even if lab work seems normal? Hubby is a PA and thinks that if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck......


The Details:
I am a 40 y/o female with an adrenal adenoma that has grown from 2.8cm to 3.2cm over an 18 month period.  The tumor was an incidental finding in a CT scan when I had a kidney stone.  My blood and 24hr. urine come back normal or just slightly above normal so the Dr.'s are telling me my symptoms (see below) are caused by anxiety and PCOS.  I'm willing to accept the anxiety diagnosis but I want to be sure that I'm not falling through the cracks.  My husband is in the Army so we move frequently and I have to start over with new Dr.'s every time we move I've had many of these symptoms since childhood (before stress of being an army wife).  I have never been thin but BP/tachy were equally as crazy even when I was a sprinter in high school and in good shape.  Heart rate reacts normally to exercise.

- Tachycardia (95 bpm -150 bpm  resting  Endo put me on Coreg to reduce insulin side effects even though I am NOT diabetic and tachycardia got WORSE)
- BP (106/60 - 180/100)
- Weight gain in face/abdomen
- Facial flushing/red cheeks
- Intolerance to heat
- Hirsutism
- During general anesthesia my BP and heart rate were "all over the place"
- Lots of stretch marks (they aren't super dark though)
- I doubt the PCOS Dx because : never skipped a cycle, had 2 children, was able to breast feed, metformin did not change any of my symptoms.  (My GP also doubts the PCOS Dx from the Endo.)
- Dexamethasone suppression test was normal, cortisol was slightly elevated but not off the charts
- Family history of tachycardia and adrenal/parathyroid abnormalities
- First MRI found a pituitary microadenoma but follow up MRI showed nothing
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You know I hope my daughter doesn't run into the same problem. She is being seen at Walter Reed and Bethesda and so far the drs are treating her  as a priorty case but we willl see what happens when all her tests come in. Her 24 hour urine came back slightly elevated too, the VMA. She has the facial flushing, loose stools, chest pains, abdominal pains(we thought she was passing another KS) and her hands and knees swell up. Not sure about her BP but I am tempted to by a BP cuff so I can keep up with it. She does/did  have a pineal cyst in her brain but due to her braces and mouth asppliances they said her last MRI was basically a washout. I don't know why the tech even did it if they knew that was going to be the outcome.

I think if your husband is a PA he should know enough about this to know if your symptoms warrant attention. Do they suspect carcinoid syndrome? Or a Pheo......? Can't spell the rest of it. That is what they suspect with my daughter, or maybe Lupus  or God knows what?
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