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Brain Tumour

My dad is in the hospital now, it is about two mouths, he appeared to be hard to speak.
but we all remember that he took a CT of brain last year (or the year before last year), it was OK.
but now, it is said there are tumours in his brain (and just brain), and doctors are not sure it is glioma or brain lymphoma. and they said it is very serious.but they cannot give a surgery cauze it is in the brain.
and now my dad is hard to speak, walk or write. and his remember become poor ,luckily he is clear.
and is there someone what type of tumours they are? how serious they are (what grade)?
can we cure my dad with surgery? if we can, how much is the risk and where has the best doctors and facilities to do the operation?
if we cannot make the surgery, what should we do? the radiotherapy or the chemotherapy?
i see a example in US, a gay's brain lymphoma was cured by taking most tumour with surgery and the chemotherapy after the blood-brain barrier destroy, can this way works for my dad?
by the way, my dad is 66 this year with slight heart disease and glycuresis.

and most seriously, how long can my dad survive if the situations are optimistic or  pessimistic?

everyone, my dad is a good man,for sure,  he worked so hard our family and my study.
PLEASE help me and SAVE him!!!!!!
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Avatar dr f tn
How is your dad? I understand your concern regarding your dad's condition. Primary brain tumors such as glioma  as well as lymphoma of the brain warrants further evaluation for proper management.At this point, it is important that diagnosis is established to formulate a management plan. A referral to  specialists such as neurologist may also help. Management, and prognosis depends on a variety of factors including your dad's medical history, overall health and symptoms present. It is best that you talk to his doctors for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
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