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Cancer of the Thyroid
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Cancer of the Thyroid

Hello, in late August I was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer after a CT scan,
I had a mass in my right lobe about 5cm big...later on it was discovered via an ultrasound that my Lymph nodes were suspicious of cancer too, after a biopsy it was discovered that they were.
Anyway, two weeks ago I went through surgery, they removed the complete thyroid gland, plus lymph nodes in the lower part of my neck and also on my right side of the neck (partial neck dissection).
I have a scar now from the bottom of my neck towards my right ear...they took out something like 44 lymph nodes and about half of them were infected.

My questions are related to this issue:
1. I had for a long time a feeling of numbness, discomfort in the left pectoral, right under my breast.  I went through many tests, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, and all they found was a mild gastritis, they gave me Prilosec to take and the feeling is a lot better now, I barely feel it, but it is always there.  They found my thyroid cancer after doing a CT scan of the chest, only problem is that they didn't find anything in the chest causing the issue, they only found the thyroid mass. My question, do you think all this is related? has the cancer gone anywhere else in my chest, even thought the CT scan did not show anything in the chest.  Can this be related?
2. Since cancer was found in the lymph nodes on the right neck, is it possible that it is also on the left neck? they did not find anything suspicious via the ultrasound, they have told me that Radioactive Iodine would kill the rest of the cancer if any left.  Is this true?
3. Any insight on similar situations would be helpful.  I'm having my first kid in May next year and I want to be around to see him get married and all...My doctors have told me that I will, but want to get your opinions and life experiences.
Thank you.
Hi there!

1. Chest symptoms are unlikely to be related to thyroid gland issues. I would suggest consulting a primary care physician for a detailed evaluation and depending on the cause identified it can be managed accordingly.
2. Yes, it is true that iodine would have destroyed any malignant cells left and since the entire gland has been removed positive lymphnodes on the left is an unlikely possibility.\
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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