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Dark brown spot on penis head
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Dark brown spot on penis head

Greetings, I already posted this question on dermatology forum but there were no

Like the title says, I have a dark brown, maul like spot on the left side of my penis head.
I first noticed it maybe 2-3 years ago, and since it is not visible from above, I may have
had it for some time before. It is round, flat, 2 mm in diameter and it hasn't changed in any
way for as long as I know of it. I never felt it in any way, no pain, no itching or anything like
that, and back then I was still a virgin. I was never worried about it because I was fairly certain
that it was harmless, but recently I have been experiencing a sort of uncomfortable feeling
in the left side of my penis shaft and some times a sting on the opening of penis hole.
(not while I'm urinating). While browsing the Internet I have come to some disturbing information
that it could be penile cancer. I have had some unprotected  sex over the past 2 years time
which led me to chlamidya , from wich I have been cured 6 months ago. I'm also uncircumsized
and 21 years of age, I smoke, rather heavely from time to time, and have a reasonable sense of hygene.
There are other sings like change in texture on my penis head but not significantly, and some veins that run across the shaft have become a lot darker in color. Now I'm very woried, I have already read many titles here but none seemed to have combination of symptoms that I have. I will see my doctor as soon as posible but i would like an opinion of anyone here who could shed some light before. And I'd like to know is it even possible to have a
maul on penis head. Thank you.
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Hi.  Since that brown spot at the head of your penis has been there for the past three  years and has not grown or changed in appearance throughout that time period, it is most likely a non-cancerous lesion.  It could be a mole, or even a hemangioma, which is an abnormal but non-cancerous collection of blood vessels.   It's probably not a genital wart, since you've had it even before you became sexually active.  

The most common type of penile cancer is squamous cell carcinoma, and this type of cancer grows fairly rapidly, eventually resulting in an irregularly shaped fungating mass in the penis.  Your description of that spot on your penis certainly doesn't fit the characteristics of squamous cell penile cancer.  The stinging sensation in your penis hole, as well as the change in texture of your penis head are most probably unrelated to that brown spot,  but may be the result of your engaging in unprotected sex.
tnx I feel a whole lot better already :)
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