Floating Tumour
by vicky55, Nov 05, 2008
Hi, sorry if I sound mis-informed regarding this post but I'm so worried about a friends daughter.  She recently had a large tumour removed from the calf of her leg and the doctors stated it was a floating tumour.  I'm assuming this means it could of started off anywhere in her body ?  Anyway, the tumour had' burst' and now 3 small dots have appeared in her chest which the hospital are keeping a close eye on for any changes.  Could they be 'fall-out' from the tumour in her leg, or the other way round, the tumour in her leg could have come from the 'dots' in her chest?  While she was in hospital she had radiotherapy and chemo, this was approx 4 weeks ago.  Anyway, since then she has been taken back into hospital as huge big blisters have appeared on the site where she had her tumours removed and she was unable to walk because of the pain.  She is now back in hospital with a morphine drip in her to allay the pain.  Are these blisters normal after surgery/radiotherapy/chemo?  thanks for your time.
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by Dennis MD, Nov 07, 2008
Do you have the result of the biopsy?
I’m not certain what the doctor meant by “floating tumor”.  Perhaps it means the tumor is superficial thus seems to be floating.  It is more likely that the lesions in her lungs are metastases from a primary cancer.  There are certain cancers that most commonly metastasize in the lungs.
The blisters can be a complication of the treatment, particularly with radiotherapy.  However, it may also signify disease progression.  The fluid in the blisters can be aspirated and the specimen sent to the pathologist for evaluation.  
I agree with adequate pain control to relieve her of the discomfort.
Hope this helps.