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How to check whether cancer has happened spontaneously or by any chemical ?

I would like to appreciate the wonderful services that you are providing to thousands of cancer patients worldwide through your website.
I have a query regarding cancer.
My friend has recently been diagnosed with liver cancer - Hepatocellular Carcinoma. He was very healthy person till now but suddenly he has been diagnosed with this disease.
My friend and I work work in a chemical industry. At our workplace there are many types of chemicals and some of those chemicals are even used in cancer research.
One day I was talking to my friend when his wife told us that she used to tell her husband to leave this chemical industry as it is dangerous for health. She told that some chemicals may have caused cancer.
I would like to ask you can we find why such hepatocellular carcinoma has happened. Is there any way by which we can find whether this cancer has happened spontaneously or by any chemical. As I also work there, so now there is constant fear in my mind.
I request you to please tell can we find the whether cancer has happened by any chemical or otherwise. This is a humble request to you.
Thank you
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Avatar dr m tn
Hi.  It is quite possible for chronic exposure to chemicals to cause cancer.  But since your friend has hepatocellular carcinoma, the two more common causes of this condition - chronic heavy alcohol intake, and a chronic viral hepatitis infection, should first be discounted before considering chemical exposure as a possible cause. Chronic viral hepatitis infection can easily be verified through blood tests, while information on alcohol intake can be obtained from a review of your friend's past history.

In establishing whether industrial chemicals could have caused your friend's cancer, it might be helpful to make a survey in your workplace to see if there is an increased incidence of cancer (particularly liver cancer) among the employees over the past few years.  It would also be helpful to know whether your company observes the proper safety precautions in handling dangerous chemicals.
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