Is it jaw cancer?
by krista, Apr 26, 2007
Hi, 27 year old female, non smoker, limited drinker.  Last saturday I noticed a smallish lump on my left jaw bone. It felt moveable, no pain.  I went to the hospital, and the doctor there said it looked like a tooth absess.  So went to the dentist on Monday, and its not an absess.

Since then I've been on anti-biotics (4 days), and the lump has gone down, but now my cheek feels mildly swollen...also my jaw does feel bigger on the one side.  

Got xrays today, and I'm freaking out.  They said either tomorrow or Monday...I'm too impatient to wait until Monday...meaning I have massive anxiety.

Does this sound like cancer?
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by Buddy721, Apr 30, 2007
Did the dentist take x-rays of the tooth?,,, to see if in fact it was a abcess
by krista, May 01, 2007
yes he did
by jwesty, May 11, 2007
I have had sort of the same thing.  a few months ago i noticed my jawbone just below my ear, near the  joint was hurting.  I started feeling around and found a little hard cyst type thing on my jawbone.  i have kept track of it and it's getting bigger and the pain in my bone is still there.  Now the pain goes down, it follows my jawbone and hurts under my jawline. I felt another little cyst pushing up with my thumb on the bottom of my jawbone.  That side of my face feels kind of heavy or full all the time.  I'm a little worried
by rockstar011195, May 17, 2008
omg, i am only a 13 year old girl and i just searched up this forum on google and i've had this painless lymph node the size of half a jelly bean along my jaw line...its free to move around wen i press on it, its rubbery, and its not firm...its also really scared wut it is. i went 2 the doctors 2 times 2 get this checked out but he said tat its only 1cm and if it gets bigger and bigger, i have to go back 2 the still scared tat its cancer or some mortal infection...can som1 ther tell me wut it is????
by gp011281, Jul 03, 2008
Hi from what you have mentioned, and because it is painless, it leads me to think  it could be something called an Ameloblastoma. Which is a benign(not cancer) tumor. I would get it checked out as they can continue to grow and cause damage to your jaw bone. the kind of doctor that specialises in this kind of medicine is called an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. If i can be of any futher help feel free to post me back
by DrNoopurMD, Jul 03, 2008

There is a possibility that it may be an enlarged lymph node or as rightly mentioned it could an ameloblastoma. These are benign tumors of jaw which very rarely turn malignant. They are usually associated with unerupted teeth. The treatment is surgery.
I would suggest you to relax since you say antibiotics reduced the size of the swelling. It could just be an enlarged lymph node due to infection. Good luck!
by kansas05, Jun 30, 2013
Hi I am really hoping someone will address and help me with this.....I will digest the long story....February sore mouth, told it was an abcess..put on antibiotics, went away no problem....May had the tooth extracted.within a few days much pain, told infected but three types of antibiotics did not touch it....told dry socket...three days in a row to dentist where he applied some kind of clove mixture,  then bone was exposed so shaved down the bone, then dentist very confused as to why taking so long to heal, did a flap surgery thing said the gum was not coming up to meet and heal,  pain have a fibroma in the corner of my mouth which I feel is getting bigger and I can no longer eat cannot hardly fit a toothbrush in my mouth is all I can my family dr says its a nerve/brain misfiring etc and put my gabapentin up to 2700 mgs not even touching the pain, nor is the morphine I have to take for my did converse with doctor and wanted him to refer me to ENT specialist....dr said no she is a chronic pain person, so will watch my dr will see me on tuesday but then is gone the rest of the month until august sometime....sorry so long, but I am totally distraught and in pain on this whole thing, the eating part is not so bad, but this last week have lost all appetite anyway....I would be most appreciative is someone could just help me or point me in the right direction....I am scared that this is jaw cancer......thank you so much
by Leslie_ann412, Oct 15, 2013
I have the exact same pea sized " whatever this is" on the right side of my jaw. I only notice it when I begin to get a cold or become stressed. Mine does tend to ache and it does hurt to push down on. I've also gone to the dentist and to the doctors and they haven't really done anything about it. So if I had to guess I would suggest a lymph node since they tend to swell with a cold.