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Is it possible it's still Cancer
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Is it possible it's still Cancer

A little backgound first....
1998 I traveled to Europe for two weeks
2000 had my first blood transfusion due to heavy periods... (hgb 6)
2002 had many polyps removed from uterus (negative for cancer)
2005 Dx with ITP and had second blood transfusion still began with heavy period (hgb 2)
2006 ITP in remission after steriod treatment
2008 Dx with AIHA and third blood transfustion - not due to heavy period
2008 treated with IVIG, and steriods, didn't work well had to have splenectomy
2009 finally in remission, found lung scaring on CT (never had pnemonia (pneumonia)), lungs had scaring, fibrosis, and nodules said possible granulomus
2009 a round of 4 to 5 CT each time my lymph nodes increased and lungs become worse, did groin biopsy of lymph node no lymphoma, brohnoscopy 12 biopsy and no fungus or cancer. Tested for vasulitius (neg), Lupus (neg) scarcoid (neg).
2009 current ct says lymph nodes are great than 2.5cm and some greater than 3cm in chest...
No one knows what to do out of all my doctors... one says open lung biopsy (and says it's cancer), other say go to Mayo in Minnesota, other says lymph node biopsy in chest... No one knows and I am so worried it's cancer... no one has doen a pet scan should they?

I am 29 female non-smoker my whole life.
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I am really proud of patients like you, courageous and who have gone through so much!
My advise would be you have to anyways go for a biopsy of that lymph node to get the diagnosis.
Diagnosing a cause is the most important thing in a cancer. If it is not a cancer then there are many reasons you can have big lymph nodes and the clinician will go in that line of treatment.
You can go to Mayo and have a biopsy and go for the treatment in the best possible way.
Best of luck!
Thank you I really needed some encouragement today.... it's one of those days that my lungs are constantly cramping.

My lung doctor called today to and wants to do a biopsy with a scope in my chest... after hurting so bad I am going ahead with it,and if I still have no dx I will head to the Mayo.

Thank you
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