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Lab Question - MGUS M-spike w/elevated WBC, Neutrophil & C3
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Lab Question - MGUS M-spike w/elevated WBC, Neutrophil & C3

Hi there ~

I was told last year that I had a monoclonal gammopathy - and because the level was so low, we called it MGUS and I was advised to come back once a year for a "Lab Check-In"

My M-spike was at .1 at that time with an Alpha2 elevation and I believe Kappa type? - since then, my labs show a consistently mild elevation of WBCs, Neutrophils and C3 complement. My lab this year show my M-spike as .5,

Because the M-spike had increased from last year, I am now being referred to an Oncologist May 19th.... I am pretty sure the .5 is still relatively low enough where I am still in MGUS territory - however - the WBCs, Neut and C3 elevation have me a tad worried about it progressing to MM.

Does anyone else with MGUS M-spike have a consistently elevated WBC, Neut? And again, I think my numbers are pretty low so I am not too worried.....but? I thought I would post and ask.

I did have a skeletal survey done and it was normal - no Bone Marrow BX yet, although it was mentioned and no 24hr urine yet.

Any specific questions, labs, tests I should ask for when I see the doc?

Any and all suggestions are helpful and appreciated.

I must also note that I do have an autoimmune disease called Scleroderma with some RA overlap, so the C3 "Could" be from that - but my PCP was not convinced as it is an acute reactive marker?

ohhhhh and one more question while Im thinking about it - Anyone ELSE with autoimmune disease and MGUS?

Thank you!!
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Hi I have full blown MM.  My M-spike was very high when I was diagnosed (would be nearly 10) and I have had low white counts before during and after treatment. So along with that frequent infections which is a Myeloma issue.  

Most family doctors do not see a lot patients with MM.  My doctor only had two others, bother quite a lot older then me with other health conditions too.

I think you are making a good decision to be checked over by someone more familiar with MM.  
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