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Lump on wrist
I discovered a lump on my wrist.

I had 2 u/s and one MRI where I was told:

1. It is not a cyst as it is solid;
2. It is an ovoid mass adjacent and volar to the distal ulna. Appearances are consistent with a solid mass;
3. Measures 19 mm x 9 mm x 19 mm
4. The appearances are in keeping with an intraarticular lesion
at the deep aspect of the volar capsule of distal radioulnar joint;
5. No radiographic evidence of calcification and there is suggestion of mild remodeling of the distal ulnar cortex

6. The surgeon refused to perform a biopsy.

Mention is made of several possibilities as well as uncertainty whether it's infectious or non-infectious.

My surgeon wants to operate asap.  He thinks it may be benign. He has no idea what the tumor is.

Does anyone have an idea what I have? And what do u suggest I do.

Note there is no pain, no tingling and no numbness in the hand.
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