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Lytic Lasion & Pott's spine
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Lytic Lasion & Pott's spine

Hi everyone!

My Mum (50yrs) have a sever pain at spin since a week!
She was given some medication, but did not work.

Then she was told for MRI, and the radiologist reports as:You can see it in the Image

There is evidence of lytic lesions involving D5 and D6 vertebral bodies with altered signal intensity appearing hypointense on T1 w images and hyperintense on T2 w images. There is mild associated soft tissue seen thus indenting the thecal sac and spinal cord. Features are likely to represent Pott’s spine.

Rest of the visualized vertebrae and intervertebral discs are showing normal height, alignment and signal intensity.

Marginal osteophytosis is noted at multiple levels.

No significant disc bulge/herniation or compression over thecal sac/ nerve roots is seen.

Visualized dorsal spinal cord, conus medullaris and cauda equina nerve roots are showing morphology, outlines and signal intensity. No evidence of primary canal stenosis / secondary canal stenosis is seen.

Posterior elements are unremarkable.

Doctor impression :
He says it is a bone TB and  will need more than six months treatment.

My concerns:

As some evidence suggest that it might be a cancer, Is it really a cancer?  If, yes is it curable?

What is proper diet? Does she need bed rest? or what sort of activities?

If it is only pott's spine, then is it possible to be cured within a year or so ?

Please provide me with you kind advice. I don't know what to do? should i stick with doctor current six month prescription or what ?

Thank you so much
Lovely of you,
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Avatar dr f tn
Hi there,
I can confirm the exact cause of your illness  only after a complete clinical examination and work up.MRI spine is the most useful test for diagnosing Potts spine and tests supporting the diagnosis of Potts spine are  CBC  showing  leukocytosis ,raised ESR and spinal X-rays .Bone marrow biopsy will show necrotizing epitheliod granulomas with Langerhan’s type of giant cells. In neoplastic involvement of spine disc spaces are spared and solid extraosseus soft tissue involvement may be seen. Skip or nonconsecutive multifocal involvement of spine favors neoplastic lesion. Early diagnosis and treatment can help in preventing complications. It will be cured if treatment is treated early. If you are not satisfied with the diagnosis seeking a second opinion will be helpful. Do write to me again.
Best wishes and take care!
Avatar m tn
Thank you so much for the kind advice.
I will send you all examination. Could you please inbox me your id via

Very many thanks
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