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Needing info on Portacaths....Please HELP
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Needing info on Portacaths....Please HELP

Okay..I don't have cancer but do have my aunt has breast cancer now... But I have a question about portacaths and did not know and looked everywhere here to try to find out where I should post sorry if I am barching in here.

I am having a portacath put in next week due to having bad veins from having chemotherapy 7 years ago from having Lymphoma cancer. I have a whole list of medical problems including Type 1 Diabetes on a insulin pump. The reason I am having this is cause I am always in hospital having IVs in and always having blood taken and my veins are shot and takes them 5 or more times to get a vein. And then they blow.
So the question I have is....
How bad is it to have this done and have it in? Will it hurt? Will it give me problems doing normal everyday things? Does anyone have any pics of these devices that I can see? I have looked everywhere on internet for some so I know what is going in my body.
Please someone help me out and give me advise and help me get through this.
Thank you
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Kriss sweetie,

There are 2 major types, pardon my spelling errors,   Groshongs ----which have
external wires hanging all over the place outside one's body   AND  Medi-Ports which are put into the blood vessel attached just under the skin or attached into the muscle.
I believe if they are calling it a Port-A-Cath that they are referring to a Medi-Port not the
Groshong.  NOW, if it is put in  the muscle, it is an outpatient surgery to remove it.
If it is just under the skin ---- it is an office procedure with a local to remove it.  Depends on your surgeon, does not hurt to ask what they had in mind and why.  

ONE:  Wear a button down shirt,  not a tee shirt.  Arms over the head, not such a hot idea afterwards.    You need someone to drive you home.  

TWO:  It's a  30 minute surgery.  Absolutely nothing.  You will get several chest x-rays,
at least one afterwards.  Ask about having it under the skin, so there is less scarring into your muscle, though either way should not really matter.  Docs have preferences.
It is truly a piece of cake surgery.  Very quick, very easy.   You will be in recovery awhile

THREE:  Once they are actually using it for treatment, you will feel the needle pricks
slightly, taste the heparin/saline flush a bit, and minor things like that. Ummm, Ummm,
Good.     Generally,  the Medi-Ports do not pose much or any problem, and make life much easier.   Once in a great while there can be complications, but I would not worry about anything at this point.  YOU WILL DO JUST FINE.

FOUR:  It is unlikely to cause you any problems once the surgery heals.   You must get
routine flushes to keep it open, you get used to those.  It looks like a 1/2 inch small donut wheel (with tie down holes for the anchoring stitches) with a five-inch tubing to go into the blood vessel. ( It would make a really unique necklace, just kidding.)  And of course you can ask your doc or his nurse for all the standard med. info.  You will be fine,
it's just something new and different, so it seems scary, but it really is not.
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