New lump just below middle finger (palm side)
by miles01, Sep 02, 2008
Hello I have a new hard lump on the palm of my hand (at the base of my middle finger).  I have some throbbing (which is how I discovered the lump) and also pain when I grasp things (such as the steering wheel).  I have read about gangolian cysts, but they seem to usually be located at the wrist from what I have read.  This feels like a very hard marble.   I am not sure if I should have it checked out, I am just concerned since it is a lump and is new.  Any info/advice would be appreciated.  Thank you.
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by Keal, Sep 02, 2008
Hi, I am not a doctor but it sounds like it could be a cyst or just some scar tissue especially since you notice it more when grasping things.  However, it maybe wise to get it checked out anyways, but cysts can show up anywheres as far as I have thought.
by Fernando Roque, MDBlank, Sep 02, 2008
Hi.  That lump on the base of your middle finger fits the description of a ganglion cyst.  These types of cysts are frequently located in the wrists, but may also occur in any area exposed to a lot of frictional forces.  So it's very possible to have it in the palm of your hand, particularly if you drive around a lot and your palm encounters friction from the steering wheel.  If you're experiencing a lot of pain and the lump is interfering with your daily activities, it might be best to have it removed.  However, ganglion cysts have a tendency to recur if not removed entirely, so the surgeon has to make sure that the entire capsule of the cyst is excised.
by kdangelo, Aug 27, 2014
Hello,  I just went to the orthopedic surgeon for this same thing.  I have a hard pea sized lump at the base (palm) of my index finger and middle finger. It has a blueish color to it. I thought is was a broken blood vessel at first, then it started growing. And now it has the surrounding tissue swallen. Went to my Doctor and he sent me to a specialist. The specialist says it's not a cyst, that it's a tumor.  I have to get it surgically removed. He told me that it was unlikely that it is cancerous but once he removes it, it will go to the patholigest for review.  He says that it may also come back even after surgery, he says that it is common.  I hope this helps you and it calms your nerves a bit!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!