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Recurring Lymphoma

So I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma back on Nov’05.  I went through 6 cycles of ABVD & 20 treatments of radiation.  Well now Im 26 and I have been in remission ever since then.  My recent PET scans showed positive activity on my groin.  So the doc ordered for me to have a needle biopsy.  Well that came back negative.  So then the doc ordered an incision biopsy.  Well I get the results today and they are also negative.  So my doc is a bit puzzled.  He refers me to UCLA now.  So now im waiting on an appointment, my question is…could this be recurring lymphoma?...Or could the scans just be wrong?  The doctor tells me he doesn’t really have an answer that’s why he is requesting a second opinion.  I appreciate all the responses!  God Bless
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It's interesting because something similar recently happened to my 80 year old mother. She was first diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease in early 2008.
She endured 12 cycles of ABVD.
A post-chemotherapy PET scan, in late 2008, showed that she had activity in the right side of her groin that had not responded to chemo. As a result, a needle biopsy was performed with inconclusive findings. However, a surgical biopsy of the active lymph node was performed and the pathology returned positive for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. This was not only a shock and disappointment to my mom; but, her oncologist was extremely surprised by this. According to him, it's highly uncommon to see both types of Lymphoma in the same patient... but, it does happen.
Anyway, she got the opinions of 4 different oncologists regarding her condition and the opinions were equally divided. 2 felt that she should undergo radiation; the other 2 felt that the risks of radiation's side effects were too great when compared to the non-aggressive nature of her "low grade" Lymphoma.
Her prognosis without radiation... 10 years.
With radiation... the prognosis was "iffy iffy," at best.
My mom opted to go without radiation. She rationalized that a 10 year prognosis for an 80 year old woman wasn't so awful.

Realize that, my mother is elderly and her Hodgkin's Disease and the non-Hodgkins Lymphoma were both diagnosed at advanced stages. Plus, she has other non-Cancer related issues that compromise her health and her ability to recover.

What you have in your favor is your youth; and the possibility that if you're
found to have something abnormal occurring within your groin it could be early stage... so much so, that maybe that's why it's difficulty to detect and determine the nature of the positive activity that was detected in the PET scan. If that's the case, close monitoring will eventually solve the mystery. And, that's the beauty of diagnostic tests and early detection. Another great approach is that 2nd opinion... and a 3rd and 4th opinion if necessary.
Regards and good luck to you!

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