Sternum/costal cartilage lump
by Wolfgirl89, Nov 26, 2011
Hi, Iv'e had a hard lump on my chest for the last 9 years, as long as I can remember. First started to notice it in high school and has sense been really self conscious about it, and worried that It could be cancer. X rays and ultra sounds done on it and nothing came up in either but it's clearly visible that it's abnormality. The doctors did say that it appeared that some rib damage on the side correlating with the lump; so to put myself at ease thinking it was a mis place rib or something. It hasn't really grown much in years past. It feels round smooth with no gaged edges and it's connected to the rib so it could be possible it's costal cartilage swelling.
  I can go on and on about my theories on it but I can't seem to get a Dr to say anything else but that "I was born with it" and I clearly wasn't. So if anyone has a lump fitting the description or knows what it could possibly be please respond to this post. I will also link pictures of it for proper comparison. Thank you^^

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by Londres70, Nov 30, 2011
Difficult to say what this is.  I doubt it is cancerous; definitely unsightly.

Has any doctor recommended excising it (removing)?  Was that option ever given?  

What doctors have you seen already? i.e. Dermatologist?  General Surgeon?

According to the results of the imaging whatever this is is superficial, which is a good thing, but exactly what it is is another story.  
by Wolfgirl89, Nov 30, 2011
Thank you for the reply^^
Previously (9yrs ago) my doctors where stump about what it could possibly be, so I received X rays and nothing showed up. They sent me home with no explanation of what it could be.They didn't recommend removing it or anything I guessing they thought it would just be cosmetic as the lesion isn't causing me any pain or tenderness.

Recently made a doctors appointment in mid december. I want to try and convince them to let me get a MRI scan done on it. As of right now I don't think it's cancerous it seems benign, It hasn't grown really noticeably in 9 yrs. I just want to put my mind at rest about this thing, last thing I want is to sit on this and later in my life it turns out to have been killing me :(
by Londres70, Dec 01, 2011
Here's what I would recommend:  Get the MRI, consult a general surgeon and go from there.  Your regular physician CAN'T do anything in regards to removing and/or biopsying this.  In other words SEE A SPECIALIST (General Surgeon).  

At first glance, I thought this might be a lipoma, but I am definitely not sure.  
by Wolfgirl89, Dec 01, 2011
Alright, hey thank you for your help. I wasn't to sure what type of doctor I should see about this. I will ask my mom if I can go see a General Surgeon about the MRI. I will update when I finally get a prognosis on the lump

Thank you^^