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Titanium Marker from Breast Biopsy
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Titanium Marker from Breast Biopsy

What are my rights in refusing the titanium marker from
my stereotactic breast biopsy?

I was told that a small metal marker in the shape of the classic pink breast cancer loop symbol would be placed in the area where they remove the cells.

I asked if people refused this based on religious principles or not and the nurse said that she never heard of that.  

Why do I need this marker?  Aren't the records with pictures etc. better than this marker?  

This marker thing may start out to  be a helpful thing for the medical industry, however, there is a possibility that this marking stuff could turn into a form of control etc.  In this day in age, when every freedom we've held dear has been under extreme siege from all areas in life even from the medical industry, I'm very upset by this attempt here...especially at this time!

So what are my rights in refusing this mark?  And if I can refuse, how  can I go about refusing in a civil, respectable manner?

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Are they insisting and/ or pressuring you to have it?

Because, I seriously doubt that anyone can compel you to have the microchip implanted. But, I see where you're going with that because I wasn't asked whether or not I wanted mine. I was shown a sample of what one looked like. And, it was explained that it served as a marker for future diagnostic referencing. That... added to the fact that it looked less intrusive than most of my dental work... I rolled with the idea. And, to be honest... I'm really okay with it. If they didn't tell me that I had it... and if I didn't see it with my own eyes on my mammogram...  I wouldn't even know of its presence! Personally, I trust the concept and the technology. But, I know that not every woman feels the same way... and those feelings need to be respected, too.

Anyway, I'd be shockingly surprised if you faced a legal challenge if you decline.  
No woman should have to defend her decision. It is, after all, your body; and your right to say, No!
None of the personnel are putting pressure on me.  It's just that I hate being put into the position of refusing.  I always get "looked" at, like, "She's a thorn."  For instance, when we go to a certain hospital, their form asks, "Would you like your excess payment to remain with the hospital because if you don't it will go to the state government?"
Evidently, the state government created a law that says if a patient overpaid charges, and the hospital can't locate the return address, the hospital can't just keep the money.  The hospital must turn it over to the state, where it will be put into the education fund.  So-o-o the hospital didn't like this grab and then decided to circumvent the law.  A patient, sick and not really feeling like reading the whole form would just blindly sign away a choice.
So, when I get this form, I cross that sentence out and initial before I sign.  Oh, the looks I get!  
Personally, I probably wouldn't care where the excess went.  What I'm objecting to is the sneaky way people are working, working, greeding in the background always.  It's immoral.  It shouldn't happen in time of illness.    
Like, too, when you sign a form for just about every doctor, their lawyer has most always included that the patient will pay for lawyer fees, court costs, the "kitchen sink" if there is any kind of stuff to do with collections or lawsuits etc.  A patient does not have to agree to this.  It is their right to not be drawn into paying for the accused.  They can cross that out and initial before they sign.  
People just blindly go along trusting whatever a doctor's business puts in front of their faces.  They may find out later.

I personally think  the doctor's business is breaching trust by taking advantage of the situation/s or ignorance.  

Then, the patient is put on the defensive and must act like a "thorn" by crossing all that breaching out.  It isn't the patient that should be the object of scorn and contempt, but it is the doctor's business that should be pointed out as being aggressive and taking advantage.

So some day, iam1butterfly, because you just blindly allowed the intrusion of the marker placement that really wasn't necessary, YOU may have to live with the consequences of the doctor's business aggressiveness and disregard of the trust you gave them.  

I'm not saying this WILL happen, but I am saying you set yourself up for the possibility of something happening.  If you would have refused, you would be totally free from any possibility.    

In the Bible it talks of the mark of the beast.  Some religions talk of this.  No one knows what it is or will be.  It just popped into my head that phrase "mark of the beast," when the nurse was telling me about the titanium marker. I thought to "watch out."  The red flags went up.  

With the way the whole medical industry is today, I think people need to be careful about themselves in relation with the industry and I think people need to question without being a stupid sheep just following along blindly and trusting so completely.

I will refuse this marker.  It is probably my choice.  I know, though, that I'm going to get looked at:  "She's a thorn."  And then I'm going to feel upset as if I'm not upset enough already.  I hate being imposed upon!  

I get angry that the doctor's business is even trying to intrude.  Why can't they just do the help that they promise with their oath and leave it at that?  Why can't they just be above those evil actions?  

I remember long ago before 1996, when a person would seek help from the medical industry....yes, they could trust.  Yes, they could put their lives into these people's hands.  I did with my husband.  He was cared for and worked on and lives to this day only because of God and His many, many fine healers.  

Not today.  I remember in 1996 a phone call that came at 2:30 in the afternoon.
"(My husband's name) WILL go to this in-plan doctor who graduated from an Indian school one year after it was chartered.  Forget about all the care that you've had before.  This will be no more."  I can remember my husband going white with fear.  I never saw him like that before.  He started shaking.   His security was just totally ripped out from under him.  His life has never been happy since. He always has this fear in the back of his mind.  He can't trust anyone now.  

I looked into this in-plan doctor/quack.  He charged five times what the number three in the country doctor did.  Why would any insurance company want to pay more for less  quality and set a patient up to die sooner rather than later?  It didn't make sense.

And it still doesn't make sense.  And now Obamacare!  Lord, help us all!

If patients and people who will eventually need care, while they are still free,  don't set the road back to right, don't scorn the refuser, that little titanium marker WILL turn into the "mark of the beast' can bet your bottom dollar on that.  They will insert this mark in not just breast patients, but in everyone that walks and talks and breathes.  What a scary thought!?!?!  

“A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom.”
Chinese Proverb
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