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Worried Need reasurance

Hi I am 25 years old who fears I might have colon cancer. I have been having narrow stools recently, but I have also been having my usual thick stools. I am wondering can you have Colon Cancer having normal and thin stools at the same time. I dont have any family history of Colon Cancer. I am sad to say that my diet is not the best and I am trying to eat healthier foods. I dont smoke and I dont drink alcholol that much. Sometimes I feel a little pain when I pass the thin stools. I am also quite gassy for a while.

Can a person with no family history of Colon cancer get it at my age?

I am wondering how long does Colon Cancer take to take come about?

I have to admit that I do look up symptoms and soon after woods I get them? Can Anxiety which I have very badly cause such symptoms?

Can drinking Tea and eating Tomato Products protect against Colon Cancer?

At what is the youngest age should a person get screened for Colon Cancer?

BTW I dont have any bleeding in my stools, they are not tary or have a particular bad smell.

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Please would some doctor or anyone on this site give me some reasurance that I have or have not Colon Cancer. I think this is urgent because I need some advice on what these symptoms mean. Do I have Colon Cancer or Iritible Bowel Syndrome.

Can you have thin Stools and have no blood in the stool and stil have Colon Cancer?

Can you get Colon Cancer at 25 years of age even when you have no history of Colon Cancer in the family?

Why is nobody answering my post?

Is it normal to have narrow stools and normal stools at the same time?

Hi.  You probably don't have colon cancer.  The narrow stools are very non-specific symptoms and could indicate various conditions, but is more likely due to lack of dietary fiber and constipation.  Although colon cancer can happen in people who are 25  years of age, they usually have a strong family history of cancer.  People who have colon cancer but don't have a significant family history of cancer (called sporadic cases) usually have them after age 40.  So colonoscopic screening for colon cancer usually starts at 40 years or older, unless a family history of colon cancer is present.

Colon cancer usually takes years or even decades to develop into a clinically detectable disease, which is another reason why it doesn't usually occur in the younger age group.

Tomato products, which contain lycopene, do have some protective effect against some forms of cancer, including colon cancer.

From your post, you strike me as a very anxious individual.  At your age, you shouldn't be worrying too much about this kind of disease.  Instead try engaging in more productive things.  Worry less. Live more.
Dr Fernando Roque

You said that Colon Cancer usually takes years or even decades to devolope into a clinically detectable disease, I am wondering at what age does Cancer Poylps start to devolope?.

I have also noticed that I am not wipping as much as I usually do. Is this a sign of Colon Cancer?

I have started a diet last week of more fish to my diet and could this becausing the above?

I have noticed that my stools are thick in the middle and thin in the edges, is this normal. I use to to be able until a few days ago to produce banana size  or bigger and my biggest stool for a while barely is the size of a banana, could this be a sign of Colon Cancer?

I have devoloped a feeling that my bowel does not completly empty can this because by Anxiety or is it Colon Cancer?

I am sorry to bother you with this, but I need advice for what to do before I go to the Doctor. Is their a prelimanry Blood test that can be done to detect Colon Cancer before you have to have Colonospy?

Does all Colon Cancer bleed into your Stools? Thank fully I have no blood in my stools. They are the typical brown color.



The reason why you may have bulkier stools ("banana size") before may simply be due to the fact that you have previously been eating more.  The change into a fish based diet can also affect the quality of your stools.  

There is no reliable blood test which can be used as a screening procedure to detect colon cancer.  Your best bet for detecting colon cancer is to have the colonoscopy done.  Not all colon cancers present as bleeding.  Some may present as gut obstruction and constipation.

Again, try to stay positive.  I have the impression that you're worrying too much and "making mountains out of molehills".  All the symptoms which you've told me are all non-specific and can be explained away by other more common conditions.  It really is unlikely that you have colon cancer at this point.
Hi  I am not a Doctor. It sounds to me as if you may have a touch of hypochondria, I say this because I suffer from it badly.

OK you are correct in checking out your stool ( most people are not aware ). If you want to rid yourself of worry go and see a GP and he will give you a fecal occult blood test. It is just a sample of your stool.. But to me it sounds like you have NOTHING to worry about. You have no bleeding that you can see. No black tarry stools etc. It's normal to have thick and thin stools.

Let me ask you, do you spend a lot of time checking your health symptoms online ? Are you always worried that you may have a problem with your health ? Do you have more than one GP or if only one do you go many times?

Kind Regards
Bren in Dublin

You are right about me. I am a hypochondriac. I suffer from terrible hypochondria and it is ruining my life. I spend about 70% of my time on the internet looking up medical stuff. Adding to being a Hypochondriac, I am also a Cyberchondriac. I only have 1 doctor but I visit him about 3 to 5 times a year. My last viist was in January and he said I am in good health. My blood preause was great, my blood sugar was great and my choloestrol was great too.

I am very concerned about my health. I always worry that I may have Diabetes, Cancer, MS. Parkinsons, Heart Attack, ETC. Every time I have visisted my doctor I am always in good health. I cant seem to understand why I suffer from these symptoms when I dont have the disease. I am addicted to surfing the net and looking at sites such as Medhelp, Wrong Diagnosis, Mayo Clinic, Wikipedia Medical Pages, ETC.

I have started eating a more healthier diet and I am feeling strange. I wonder why eating healthier foods for me is making me feel bad.

I know how you feel and I sympathize with you. I wish that I was not a Hypochondriac and a Cyberchondriac and wished that their was a cure for it. I devolped this a few years ago and cant get out of this whole I am in. I know that you must get very depressed like I do about it.

I sure hope you're exaggerating about spending 70% of your time on the internet looking up health stuff. Are you living your life at all?

If you really are consumed that much by this worry you need to tell your doctor. My view is that constant worry about health can be a symptom of depression or almost a kind of OCD (worry, check, get relief, cycle starts over). There are medications that can help or cure you of this not to mention cognative behaviour therapy being a great help.

Good luck. I hope you can enjoy your life.

I dont spend 70% of my time on the internet looking up Medical stuff. I do however spend up to 70% of my time on the Internet looking up Medical stuff. I am a severe Hypochondriac and Cyberchondriac. I am living and do alot of things a day, but I still worry alot about my health.

Dr Fernando Roque

Can a change of diet cause stools to be differant from your previous diet?

I have not been wipping up much after I go to the toilet, can this be a reult of a change of diet or Colon Cancer?

I am wondering how can the mind make you have Symptoms of a disease with out having the disease, Can you explain it to me?

What % of people who are in their 20's get Colon Cancer with out a Family history?

I am sorry to be alot of trouble.
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