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bump on head
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bump on head

my brother in law has had a lump on his head for over a year.  the hair on that lump turned white.  he is only about 35 yrs old.  the lump has not gotten bigger.  he has a biopsy scheduled tomorrow.  what are the chances that this is cancer and what else might it be?
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Avatar dr f tn

Where is the lump located? On the scalp I suppose?

Had he injured his head prior to the appearance of the lump?

How large is the lump?

Is it elevated, flat?

is it nodular, hard or movable?

is it of a particular color?

Is it painful?

Are there any lumps on the neck,behind the ears?

A lump on the head  warrants further investigation. Possible causes are infections and neoplasms
(new growths). Infections are usually characterized by redness, pain and sometimes a discharge.Rupture of the hair follicles and glands in the scalp may also cause cystic formations.

Any history of cancer in your brother in law's family?
Does he smoke?
Does he engage in activities that make him stay long under the sun?

A biopsy will shed more light in his condition.

I hope this helps.Keep us posted and just reassure your brother in law.
Good Luck.
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