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could be leukemia or lymphoma
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could be leukemia or lymphoma

hello i'm an 18 yearold female and i have four swollen lymph nodes one beneath my left armpit i noticed it 4 months ago, behind my left ear and one behind my right ear
i sleep alot about 11 hours a day and i used to sleep 8 hours a day 3 years ago
i feel tired all the time
i have bone and joint pain
i have fatigue and weakness
could be leukemia or lymphoma ??
please help :(
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Avatar f tn
i made a blood test and here are the results

wbc  5.18      flags *      range  4:11    
rbc   4.74                      range   4:6.20
hgb   10.63                   range 11:18.8
hct  33.29                     range 35:55
mcv 70.29                     range 80:100
mch 22:43                     range 26:34
mchc 31.91                    range 31.35
rdw  13.52                     range 10:20
plt 162                          range 150:400
mpv 8.06                       range 6:10

ne% 12.20                  range 50:80
ly% 60.10                   range 25:50
mo% 24.90                 range 2:10
eo% 0.20                    range 0:5
ba%2.60                     range 0:2

ne # 0.63                   range 2:8
ly # 3.12                    range  1:5
mo # 1.29                  range 0.10:1
eo# 0.01                    range 0:0.40
ba# 0.13                    range 0:0.20

latex RA                              negative
c-reactive protine                  negative
brucella abort                       1/40
melit                                    1/40
esr1                                      25
mm2                                    59mm  

they say my ne level is toooo low
so what could it be ???
Avatar f tn
Sounds like you are under the care of a doctor. There are lots of things that could explain your symptom so work with your doctor to get to the bottom of things.

Take care.
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