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melanoma on toe
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melanoma on toe

Hi in new to this group - I just today got some bad news, I have had problems over the past 6months with my left toe
1st toe next to the big toe.  I came down with a itching case of athleets foot, and it got worse on one toe only. untill it started bleeding. I then went to 4 foot doctors (all asso with cigna) none did a biopsy - and just treated the problem area - well 5th doctor took a biopsy and results came back today- melanoma - as the sore never healed up fully on the toe! though it did stop bleeding. I was refered today to oncologest -sorry for misspelling, im bit upset today!  
and now have to wait till friday this week to see the Doctor about this problem. my sister told me, she had a few cases of Melanoma before and had the effected area removed and it didnt return.  so far shes ok.. I also read its pretty normal for a male to get this on his feet ?  lower areas .. im very upset due to the fact ,not one foot doctor, offered to do a biopsy on my toe.let alone think of this problem !!   what makes it worse, its my birthday today and
its like getting slapped in the face with depressing news.   but will keep my head up and think other things.. and not this problem!!  
anyone who can lend me, anything more or has knowlege of these melanomas please respond as im very worried
and upset over this news !!  

thank you to all who respond.  
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just wanted to respond back on this issue- my doctor called me and made me a appoinment for tomorrow -so will get to see the oncologest
early! as he told me, its better to get it taken care of right now, and not wait anylonger.  I agreed.  

Iv read abit more about melanoma's and how they treat them, and the normal proceedures taken. so im ready for the show tomorrow!  I have always put my life in Gods good hands. so I have no fear.  and have faith
by the good grace of our lord, maybe I can get threw this.  fingers crossed and praying..

just had to write this down , as its now been about 7or 8hours since I found out .  im feeling better and calmed down more than before..

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