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Chest pain
Hi there, I'm a 22 year old, mum of one.
Work in a hospital as a an auxiliary nurse.
When I went to bed just over a week ago I experienced some pain above my left breast that I could also feel in my shoulder I could only feel it when lying down and exhailing. I tried to ignout it thinking it would go away but over the next few days it got worse so I went to my local A&E on early hours the doctor done a set of obs an ECG and asked if I move and handle patients at work and I said yes he then said as the ECG was fine it proberly sounde like inflamed muscles due to work and sent me home with a hospital dosage of co-codamol and naproxen. I've been taking them for a few days now but it's not helping it actually got worse last night I weren't all dizzy n felt really nauseous an the pain just felt like pressure in my chest I also had a moment when I felt like a vibration in the back of my neck, I am in quite a bit of pain now and worried the doctor may send me back home again if I go back up, any suggestions?
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