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Vasopastic angina of small heart vessels with normal coronary arteries confirmed by cardiac cath. Main symptoms are shortness of breath and chest tightness or pain on exertion and/or chest pain, not on exertion.

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I have be asked and accepted, to do the PBS show Second Opinion which will tape this June in NY and the air dates will be announced. PBS has been tracking my posts and blogs and tracked me down to get an email and telephone number. It is easy to find people no matter how much privacy is involved! But I am happy to do this panel show directed at reaching doctors and patients.
The show is indirectly about MVD but more directed at the daily management of the debilitating angina that goes along with MVD especially when you are in an acute attack.
It is with great thanks to MedHelp, Women.Org (Inspire), Google and to all who have contacted me over the years since I have been learning about this MVD and sharing therapies that work the best for me.
I am a shadow of my former life and lifestyle and have gone thru many challenges with symptom management as new drugs, combos of drugs are tried and seeing those that fail and those that show me a glimmer of my past self, my beloved nitro! Love it! Keeps me alive and upright!
I'll let everyone know when the show is due to air. And for the hubbies who watched the Emory video and heard what my husband had to say, then they can also see Fred again in the PBS show as they asked him to particpate also. Thanks to everyone as your questions to me and the best responses I could give have made this all happen. Big Hugs to Everyone. Joan.
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