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Pain Management for MVD and coronary spasms
Most of the users here have kept up with my journey and challenges with MVD and heard my consistent complaints of steady pain or intense pain from spasms of the coronary arteries even tho' I am somewhat controoled by 24/7 nitro patch and cardizem. I still have break thur pain especially on exertion and that means very little exertion causing a cardiac demand.I went to a local pain management doctor ( anesthesiologist) and with good timing was just started a week ago on a newly released drug intended for continuous use in the prescence of moderate to severe pain. Of course the concern with pain control for me is tempered with getting the exact dose that does not mask my signals of distress: chest pain and SOB for which I need to use nitro spray.
This is working! I have reduced pain, big time, and I still get the signal of distress with feeling the chest tightness and getting short of breath which means I must stop, then decide on the nitro. Emory is ok with this and when seen yesterday they were very pleased with my change. This is very good news. Google this med: exalgo (trade) or what it's known as: hydromorphone. I am very happy. And I hope this continues. I've had pain for 5 years and that's too long. Pain control needs to be incorporated into the management of this MVD. Joan.
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