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Feeling tired after activity
I have had mitral valve repair few years back and cureently have pacemaker for avnode block.

my LPD

LDL 120
HDL 29

I started taking lipitor recently.

I get very tired with excersise or any physical activity more than 30 mins. I get burning sensation in my eyes and at times my eyes look slightly reddish in colour. Do I need to be concerned?

Had a regural echo 6 months back and pacemaker checkup recently everything is ok. echo reported low ejection fraction of 49% and mild regurge.

Do I need to get a stress echo/nuclear echo or any other test done for diagnosis? or its not needed since I had an echo in the last 9 months?
Which is better choice? Is nuclear echo safe for patients with pacemakers?

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Sorry for the delay. Its hard to tell from your question how long these symptoms have been present, if they have been progressing and how they relate to your previous Echo. Obviously if they have been progressing since your last echo six months ago. The symptoms are concerning never the less because they are limiting your quality of life. Are you on niacin or other medications which may cause flushing

I re visit to your doctor with a repeat echo or stress echo would probably be a good place to start. If the symptoms correspond to you starting the lipitor then obviously that's a concern as well

lastly you didnt mention diet or weight but obviously thats where cholesterol originates and a low sat fat diet would be most ideal<12 gm sat fat day
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