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Need to understand.
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Need to understand.

Dear Doctor,
In August I became a heart patient. I am a 44 year old female, also I am a diabetic type 2. I am about 50lbs overweight, smoker (on Chantix to quit) Family history of HD.
My echo reads like this, normal size left atrium with fairly good LV function with ef of 50%. Hypokenetic intraventricula septum and apex consistant with left bundle branch block and coronary artery disease. Enlarged left atrium,mildly thickened mitral leaflets, mild plus 1 mitral regurgitation, mild dystolic left ventricle dysfunction..

Cardiolite treadmill stress test: revealed Left ventricle conduction delay and possible old lateral wall MI, Spect at rest revealeved moderate anterpostal perfusion defect, after exercise a moderate anterpostal and fairly large apical perfusion defect. Wall motion revealed hypokenetic apex and dyskinetic septum, evidence of mydocardial ischemia involving the anterpostal and apical segments. EF 50-55%.

Chest x-ray clear but the Doc told me I have Trace Pulmonary Edemea.

High Blood pressure that we have struggled to control for about 5 years.

Heart Cath~ 60% Stenosis of mid right coronary artery, essentially normal left main left anterior desending, intermediate and left cicumflex. normal left ventricle enlargement, anteroapical hypokenesia with normal ef 50-55% and left ventricle end distolic pressure of 18 mmhg.

Cholesterol is 197, Trig~274, HDL~28, LDL~114.

Meds include Coreg, Teckturna, CCB, Lipitor, Metformin. Nitro, Renexa and some others.

How serious is this? What is my prognosis. If I try and exercise I get chest pain. Does this sound like any type of heart failure?

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The complex does sound like some degree of heart failure. Your doctor would know the severity through the review of collective information from your evaluation. Clearly, it is concerning to have these types of problem at a relatively young age. I would suggest focusing on what type of lifestyle behaviors changes are necessary to right the ship. Your history of diabetes, smoking and family history is a red flag that things need to change in your life to slow the current process of cardiovascular disease and prevent a heart attack or stroke.

Has anyone reviewed what changes need to be made. It sounds like you are quite motivated to change. I recommend reading my book Your Guide to Optimal Health at Amazon to understand some basic steps to dietary modification which is at the root of this all.

If no changes are made and you continue down this path, your prognosis is that you will likely have a cardiovascular event. But change is possible if you focus on the outcome. Best of luck
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Hi doctor I have reviwed your book on amazon....thank you for your direction! I will be ordering this and using it as a tool for getting healthy!
I just am afraid right now. I worry that I am going to have a heart attack.
What is a normal left ventricle distolic pressure? if anyone out there can help elaborate on what my test results mean I would be grateful for your help!
Again thank you doctor for your direction.
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