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Dangers of Bleach used by Aides
Bleach is a common chemical that can cause death in a confined room. This almost happened with my little one when one of the aides knocked over a half-gallon container in the room. She had been mixing it with water in a bucket to clean the plastic toilet. With sealed windows (for the winter) the situation became critical. Had I not been in the apartment and heard the screams and was able  to scoop up the patient in my arms I believe she would have died there.

This resulted in the following rule:

No bleach in the apartment except in the small bottles.

They would be stored only in the kitchen under the sink and under no circumstances leave the kitchen.

Disposable chlorox wipes would be used to clean the toilet in the room.

Futhermore I banned ammonia,
Chlorox mixed with ammonia creates toxic poisonous fumes.
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