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home care for the elderly
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home care for the elderly

my father 88 years old/lives with me and husband has end stage kidney disease and heart failure/barely hanging in there as well as myself being the only family member left to care for him.
I got him on title 19 for the connectiucut homecare program which promises home health aide and homemakers.
the home health aide they sent 6 weeks ago for only 1 hour 3 mornings a week at 10 am because that id the time that works best for him/started calling out sick 3 weeks ago and the home care agency who she is hired through started sending different aides who some my father was not comfortable with.
i explained this to the agency with no understanding/today they sent an aide who took a bag full of dirty diapers he wears and self cath units he uses for self catherization and without gloves on put the bag on my kitchen counter and then without washing her hands started to make his breakfast/my father is very sharp mentally and got very upset/I then made his breakfast called the agency and had my father tell them what happened.
also the aide confronted me in my own living room as she was leaving my home to tell me she heard me tell my husband while i was talking to hime in our bedroom with the door closed/that my father did not like her and wanted to know from me how is she expected to take care of hime when he does not like her.
she also was complaining when she arrived at my home about having to drive
from a other town away for only an hour.
I told the agency all this and called the state case worker though the agency on aging in ct and the responce was that my father is not being flexible enough and that everyone wants 10 am for a shower and maybe they will have to change agencys which will mean he will loose the nurse he has confidence in.
I am so disgusted by these uncaring attitudes/and i do not know what to do.
I do not know when we will get and aide again.
with my fathers advanced kidney disease he needs showers to prevent UTI infections and it helps the itching he gets from the advanced kidney disease.
I know maybe can can get a shower at later or earler in the day but he does not have much longer to live and I feel some compassion ans professionalism
should be demostrated when delivering home care for thr elderly.
the state wants people to stay in their homes rather than nursing homes/also puts an awful burden on the family and then gets ruse and sarcastic when you only are asking for help.
please if anybody reads this and can relate or offer suggetions please do so.
i live in connecticut.
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I don't have any suggestions but just wanted to say I'm so sorry!  That is a lot to deal with, and I totally understand wanting your father to have some comfort and dignity in his last days.
I don't understand what title 19 is but in any health care situation there are some basic hygiene rules to be followed. Seems to me some of those aides have not been trained properly and you did the right thing by reporting them.

Does he not qualify for hospice? He's old enough to be on medicare. My Dad had hospice care when he was dying and he was only 79. The hospice team members were well trained and did a wonderful job. My husband is now a hospice volunteer and he's gone through intensive training and has to be up to date on all his vaccines. He's been trained on how to deal with body waste and fluids. Plopping a bag of used Depends on the kitchen counter would be enough to have him kicked out of the program.
I had a lot of problems with health care aids taking care of someone and I ended up firing thirty-nine of them (count-em!). There are a lot of part 19 scams and one of them is the "one hour visit". State law usually requires a minimum of a four hour block of care. Not an hour. The agencies commit fraud by billing from the time the person is supposed to leave the agency headquarters, which may be an hour or two away from the place of home care. In point of fact they schedule several people in close proximity, and the aid goes from one client to the other, all being billed for non-existent travel. I advise you to get the bills for every day an aide has been there for an hour. Then travel to the local F.B.I. office and ask to speak to the "qui tam" officer. It may be difficult at the F.B.I. office to find an adult to speak with (my experience) but keep trying. There is now an agent designated in every office to deal with medicaid/medicare fraud. If it turns out they have been defrauding 1,000 clients and are forced to remit money - YOU get a percentage of the money for having discovered and reported the fraud.
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