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11 Yr old femald cat urinating on the couch with 1 month old baby in th...
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11 Yr old femald cat urinating on the couch with 1 month old baby in the home

Hi everyone!  I'm looking for some advice ASAP.  I have a 1 month old baby and my cat has started acting out.  I really don't want to get rid of her but she's peeing on the couch and hubby is not impressed.  First she started pooping on the carpet in the living room, now it's moved on to urinating.  The pooping I could deal with but the urinating is a big problem.  Also.....what to do to get the urine smell from our microsuede sectional?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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the first thing you do need to do is get the urine smell out, kitty will continually be attracted to his scent on the area.
I have had the same problem with one of mine.
A product that comes well recommended by Vets on this forum is called 'urine off' you will have to pretest the area before using...than follow with a product by Natures Miracle called 'no more marking'......
Or my Vet suggested he had heard at a conference lately that simple 'Febreeze' pet odor eliminator(after the urine off) works.
there is another product the Vet has called 'Feliway' that is a feline hormore that seems to calm them and sometimes will stop whatever is upsetting the kitty. (these 2 products will need to be used daily at least until problem stops)
The upset being the new baby perhaps?
I have used all 3 products in the order given and this has mostly prevented anymore incidents.....I say mostly because my male will still occasionally do this when upset after visitors arrive.
Also with a Vet examination my male was diagnosed with FLUTD so crystals were causing irritation to his urethra therefore a new diet was needed. he was also telling me 'he hurt'
A Vet exam is a good idea for your kitty as well, she is senior and may have issues with her bladder as well.
good luck, please let us know how you make out, I know what an annoying problem this causes.
Vinegar and water in a spray bottle, filled by baking soda. Let the baking soda sit on the per until it's dry, then vacuum. It will eliminate the cat pee smell.
As for your cat, more than likely, kitty is marking territory and telling the baby where not to go. Show kitty that you still love him/her. Allow the kitty to see the baby. Kitty is just showing that he/she is upset that life has changed more than likely.
There is always a valid reason for an animal to act differently. What makes you think she is acting up? What if she has some urinary infection? When cats have bladder issues they will pee outside the box. As long as she keeps smelling her own urine she will think it's ok to go to the bathroom on the couch.

It'd be wise to get her checked by a vet. Bladder issues are painful.

Have you spoken with the vet at all? If not, you should. Your cat needs immediate attention even if she doesn't seem to be in pain. Cats are great at hiding pain and discomfort. That's just survival instincts.

Your cat is trying to tell you something is wrong. I would try to pay attention.
Have the same problem in our home right now, only I can not catch which cat is urinating on our couch.  Our couch is leather and I put throws down on the seats, this is where someone is urinating.  They are also urinating on throw rugs, last night on our bed....wherever they choose.  I have laminate floors, so needless to say they are washed daily, rugs and throws are always on the clothesline and I am still waiting to find out who is doing it.  We brought in 2  male kittens 4 months ago.  I am hoping that once the kittens get fixed next month that maybe this urinating will stop, maybe the kittens have a scent the other fixed cats dont like....I dont know.  I keep the litter boxes clean, wipe down the couch, and spray Febreeze on the bed after sheets are changed...I totally relate blueyes.  We did buy two of the Feliway infusers that we really couldnt afford...they did nothing for us, if you try them I wish you better luck!!  In the meantime maybe put down a garbage bag on the couch and cover with a throw when no one is sitting on it, that way at least the throw will absorb all the urine until you get this resolved.  Good luck with your babies!!
after one incident the scent will be there,than all the cats will think its ok to use the same spot......... most air fresheners and vinegar solutions only remove the smell from OUR noses...the cats can still detect the scent..remember they have a very keen sense of smell way beyond us humans....
therefore everywhere that has been pee'd on will need the chemical enzyme that destroys this odor. Again called 'urine erase' or 'urine off' (forget which), its avail thru good pet supply stores.
Other homemade concoctions do not work!(IMO)
So first get rid of the odor, than its most important to find out who is initially responsible and get a urinalysis done to check for an UTI.
good luck.
Thanks again guys!  I've got an apt booked next week to take her to the vet.  She only peed on the couch once.  She pooped on the carpet again right in front of me this morning but she used her litter box to pee.  Hubby did buy some sort of scented ktty litter so I'm not sure if it's that, the new baby, or if she's got medical problems.

Hopefully the vet can give us some answers :)
good I'm so glad you have a Vet appointment, never hurts to be certain of whats going on.
HOWEVER you hadn't mentioned the kitty litter before!!!
that very well could be your reason, kitty's don't like a change in their litter of choice and are especially against some of the scented ones.
try her old litter again and see....(after descenting the sofa and carpet).
she is either showing you she is hurting or she is mad..hope its mad!!
good luck
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