12 week male kitten nursing on 2 year old male cat
by bebe2011, Aug 10, 2011
My 12 week old male kitten has started to nurse on my 2 year old male cat who is fixed. Does anybody know what is going on?
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by opus88Blank, Aug 10, 2011
hi and welcome, the kitten is just missing mommy and soothing himself much like a toddler with a soother. he perhaps was taken from mommy too soon.(?)
Its nothing to worry over, when the older cat has had enough of this attention he will put a stop to it or the kitten will grow out of it....otherwise its actually quite common...♥
by nancyjac, Aug 10, 2011
It is pretty common. Your toddler kitty is simply looking for comfort and security, the same way a human toddler ***** his thumb or ***** on a binky.
by nancyjac, Aug 10, 2011
geeeze......I guess s u c k s is a banned word since it was blanked out.
by Rachellle, Aug 10, 2011
Sounds like my cats.
My Napoleon female(KittyGirl) had kittens with my male Himalayan (Mr. Bumbles).  She wasn't a good mother cat and Mr. Bumbles seemed to loved playing the role of mother.

Here it is 5 years later, we ended up keeping a couple of the was a Napoleon and we wanted him, the other was a Non-Standard Napoleon (Giant kitty).  My little guy died a couple years ago because of a blockage, but the (giant kitty) named MonkKitty is close to the same age as his dad Mr. Bumbles (about 5 yrs old) and he still thinks of Mr. Bumbles as MOM.

Bum gets tired of Monk from time to time and lets him know, but they seem to comfort each other.

Both have been fixed for a very long time but Mr. Bumbles loves baby kittens. He would have made a good mother cat.

Even Mr. Bumbles will sometimes use a "blankie" and act like he's a kitten nursing.

Doesn't sound normal to me, but if it soothes them, then I guess it's not a problem.
by teddybears4ever2, Aug 10, 2011
Years ago my cat Ashes, God rest her soul, had babies.  We kept one, Sox, God rest his soul, when Ashes stopped nursing him he went to my male cat, Milo, God rest his soul.  He sucked on Milo for years.  My family always called Milo his wet nurse.