Cats and Ripping Paper
by Regalhank, Mar 05, 2013
Two year very energetic house cat has suddenly taken to ripping to shreds any kind of paper she can find--some of it valuable.  She doesn't chew it but claws it to pieces.  What is the remedy?  And why all of a sudden?
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by evewisewoman, Apr 18, 2013
Hi Regalhank,

I just finished reading your comments. Your two year old cat is energetic,
you say. That's good isn't it. Kitties need things to do. Otherwise they
find things to do on their own like ripping paper to shreds. My sister has
four cats actually. She has paper people use to pack things. She crumples
them up. Her whole livingroom has many pieces of crumpled up paper.
The cats sometimes hide under it.  Sometimes they charge into the crumpled paper. Cats are active creatures, especially young cats.
Our cat, Sammie, is an eight year old ginger cat. Sammie gets into moods
too, sometimes. He has his toys like a fish, a mouse and several little balls.
One of his favorite toys is shaped like a circle. It has an inner track and
there is a ball that fits right in the track. Sammy likes to hit the ball and the
ball goes around the track. He loves this toy. We bought the toy at Pet
Value. It's a good idea for the cats to be kept active . Cats love to play.
Perhaps you can provide similar things for your kitty. Best of luck to you
and your adorable kitty.
by BluCrystal, May 04, 2013
LOL!  You have a playful kitty!  Put important papers away where she can't get to it.  And buy her a news paper to rip up. :-)  Blessings - Blu