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My 11 year old male cat was diagnosed with diabetes 2 months ago.  Trying to regulate him on Lantis insulin.  When I give him his insulin, his ears seem to get very hot.  He has also started having twitches, mostly front legs and facial.  He crashed on me a week ago, saliva with bubbles, difficulty breathing, pooped and peed on floor.  He was diagnosed with enlarged heart and pulmonary edema.  His pancreas enzymes were high.  He recuperated very quickly, seemed almost normal within an hour. He also had super high blood glucose readings for days.  One week later, he started eating, then just sat there motionless and glassy eyed, I picked him up, he peed and pooped and then started panting and his heart or breathing was very rapid and irregular.  Took him to vet, he was totally back to normal in less than 20 minutes.  Is he having seizures or heart arrythmia?  Is it bad reaction to lantis?
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hi bob and welcome,sorry for the sad reason that led you to our site..I'm afraid I don't have any experience with diabetes or its complications but I can give you an excellent site that has alot of really great info and I hope that can answer your questions.....we wish your dear kitty the best.♥
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Hello bobcatpepper,
I hear you have an eleven year old cat that has been diagnosed with
diabetes two months ago. Our cat, Sammie, who we adopted from
a cat rescue shelter also had diabetes. Brief history of Sammie.
When we adopted him in October 2011 he weighed 20 lbs. We brought
him to our vet. We had had another cat previous to Sammie, so we
decided to use that vet again as she is very good. Anyway, she told
us Sammie was obese and that he had to lose weight, so we were
advised to feed him food which would make him lose weight. We
gave him this vet prescribed food for about 5 months. Sammie started
to lose a lot of weight. We( my husband and I ) were getting concerned
because he was growing thinner and thinner. We brought Sammie
to our vet. She examined him.  Our vet suggested a blood test to
see what was going on. Why he was losing so much weight.
Through the blood test it was determinded that Sammie had diabetes.
To be honest, we were shocked as the cat rescue people hadn't
mentioned that he had diabetes. I called them. They told me that
Sammie didn't have diabetes when he was up for adoption.
Anyway, be that as it may, we decided to keep our sweet Sammie
and deal with the diabetes. So the first step was to bring Sammie
back to the vet for an overnight visit. The vet then started to determine
how many units of Lantus he needed. We started with 2 units of Lantus
a day in the morning and at night. We were told to do this for a month
and then bring him in for a fructosamine test. After a month, we brought
him in again and the amount of Lantus was modified again. Our vet
showed us how to administer the insulin needle. Anyway , this continued
for awhile. Sammie had a number of fructosamine tests. I must say
the whole time he was and still is eating special dry food for diabetic cats
The food is manufactured by Purina. Here's the amazing news.
Sammie isn't diabetic anymore. His last fructosamine test confirmed that
he wasn't diabetic anymore. We were really happy and relieved for
Sammie too, of course. Sammie is still eating the Purina diabetic dry
food only a certain amount per day. We feed him regulated amounts
determined by our vet several times a day. If you are concerned about
the amount of lantis he's receiving, the type of food he's eating or
any other concern, I would go back to the vet and express your
concerns. The best of luck to you and your kitty..
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