Is bent tail in cats genetically caused?
by AppleBr, Jan 27, 2010
Some of  my kittens were born with bent tail.They are doing pretty fine,going to the 3rd month
Supposed father cat has the same.
Is this genetically caused? Is associated to some other disease or problem to be?
Just curious about...
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by LindaTX, Jan 27, 2010
Hi!!  How's Loreena?  I was just about to leave you a note.  I thought I would check here first to see if there were any updates on Abby and PK.  Well, I have two kittens, well one is no longer with us, that has short, or bent tails, both have the look of siamese and although I don't know for sure, I think the father was siamese.  Forty yrs ago I had a purebred siamese cat that was bred to another purebred siamese and 4 of the six kittens had tails like that, so I think its not that unusual in that breed. I've had lots of cats but none of the others had tails like that, so it had to be in the genes.  Take care, Linda
by AppleBr, Jan 27, 2010
The father is not siamese I guess.The only kitten siamese alike was the one that died with 8 days old.All the others are more like some persian breed mix or some other long fur breed.I will search more when I got time for.
About Loreena,I `m posting some in the habitual places when possiible.s
She s still with diarhea and the lab results not arrived yet but today I allowed  her to be outside without leash again.She was originatelly an outdoor cat before the pregnancy and surgery.
Medicine will be over tonight, i hope the diarrhea will gone together with that RILEXINEi
by April2, Jan 28, 2010
My mom's cat is like that. She's a Burmese and was born that way so I'm guessing it was just a genetic thing. Otherwise she seems fine and healthy.
Kinked tails are a common genetic defect in Siamese and pointed type cats that many breeders are working hard to eliminate from the breeding population.  

However, the genes for pointed colors and kinked tails are pretty closely linked and it is possible that you could have the genes being perpetuated in a "non-Siamese" population of cats because they are both recessive genes and won't always show physically.  It's similar to the reason why you had a single siamese looking kitten in the litter.

Shouldn't be an issue...
by Jade59Blank, Jan 29, 2010
Just thought I would tell you, Jade's tail is kinked at the bottom too although, not meeting her until she was 6-7yrs, her tail Could have been slammed in a door or something like that for all I know...
by 1centwiz, Feb 04, 2010
Our little Babies, Pepper, had a kink in her tail. She was a tiny little thing full grown and was a long haired calico. Her brothers, Maxx Luggs, is a Manx, and Tigger(pronounce tiger) is a circle striped tabby who has a perfect tail. She was just fine and was born that way as I got them when their mom disappeared after just 10 days. It never bothered her and she was the most loving little thing next to her brothers, that I've ever had in a kitty. She was perfect and the kink in her tail never seemed to matter or hurt her at all. Hers was actually a complete z about 4 inches from the tip.