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Loreena's family news 2
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Loreena's family news 2

Hi folks!
Kittens are completing 4 months today.I have been feeling a little worried and sad about the boys again,I know nothing material is probably lacking for them but I'm not sure about love and atention
An aunt had an AVC and the whole family is busy with,my cousin that got the cat is now thinking only about that .
In good times I had to ask about him,now I not even dare :(
She lives in a another city but is here every week
Hope is just a feeling!
Lucky and Joy are still with me - my friend had a familiar health problem as well and I dont know when/if she 'll pick the one was supposed to be mine.
Means I will have t finish the vaccination for both ( now is rabies and the 3 dosis of the other) and DO NOT allow then to run outside cos I wont have money to spay not even "mine" at this moment.
They are big and crazy like the mother, Joy learned how to ask food turning down the glass but she cant do it with the paw,she uses the head instead,Lucky just wait for meowing as the most famished cat in the world - even NOT being one! Do not tried by herself yet,not even with me trying to use her paw for...

Seens like now I have 3 "charm " black cats.Hope the bring me luck!...
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874521_tn?1375890587 have your hands full don't you with your 'charms' in my city no one wants black cats the shelter has a hard time adopting them out, how silly of people to be so superstitious, I've always loved black cats...I've had a few over the years too, and Nemo is all black too.
I hope your lady friend does come for Joy soon 3 are expensive for you to manage.
I don't blame you for keeping them indoors, that bad one would love to have new girlfriends and than you'd have another family on your hands....kittens are so cute but they do grow up and so fast, I wish they'd stay young for months longer.
Yours are 4 months and nearly adult already...just too fast isn't it!
I'm happy to hear your stories Apple all the antics make me giggle.
It will soon be spring here and already Sami is getting anxious to get outside, so soon I will need to get his harness and leash out again, I get nothing done during the good months...he likes to sit outside all day!!
take care to you and the furry ones.
Hi hon, THERE you are.  Was about to send out a rescue note :)  

Oh, I hope the boys are happy, too.  At the very least, they have each other for company and romping.  I'm sorry, I forget, but they're together, yes?

I love your stories too, Apple.  Thanks so much for the update.  Jade will cry like Lucky does and that's after eating nearly a whole can of food.  She'll meow like she's still starving, haha.  She doesn't fool me, though.   I do hope Joy is able to go to her new home soon.  Man, I agree, just one cat can be expensive, let alone three.  

Well, Happy Birthday to the girls!  I love black cats too.  Never had the superstition like some do.  Loreena is well?

Oh, meant to tell you, Jade is getting more "clingy."  Only took 4yrs, haha.  Scratching at my bedroom door after hubby leaves for work.  I know how you feel with the scratching, but..I have earplugs! :)  Scratch...scratch...scratch...and leaves marks :(
First, where I wrote "supposed to be mine" please read "supposed to be hers" - I'm not waiting her to take my Lucky, just Joy

Happy to know my stories make you smile.

Jade,boys are not exactly together,at least not all the time.Simon is living with my cousin and Spot with my cousin mother-in-law ( that I dont even know- they just told me she had a dog about to die and would appreciate another animal)
Both are probably passing more time together nowadays because my cousin has no other place to left Simon when traveling so...

Sometimes I think my second grade cousin and owner of Simon one strange kid - she never mentions the cats if I not ask her! I would be CRAZY for him if I was her age - I 'm still crazy for cats ...

Loreena is fine,got some chicken meet with bone in the neighborhood yesterday ( bricklayers lunch??) but I didnt allow her to eat.Since she did that twice,and twice I took off the stuff from her, I feel pity and give her the Whiskas sachet she loves instead.
Not seeing her poo these last days.
Today she refused dinner but i guess she's just saving some space  for something she intends steal or kill while I'm not near :-)

Earplugs sounds good - if I got some that dont fall from my ears I'will try.(earphones always do).Not sure I would sleep fine using those,however...

Black cats are hard to find homes here as well, so say people from shelters.I never tried: for me both had already home.I also love them,I wish one of them was completely black but all of then have some not black spots.
Loreena is brown reddish and small part white in the belly ,girls are almost completly black but have  some few
white furs spread all over her body ( so young and already needing dye, poor girls  ;-)
Is it me or you sound a bit stressed out?
I’m just glad the kids are doing fine and that you are able to keep all the cats for now. I know it’s hard, but you are doing it. You have a big heart. And yes, black cats are hard to adopt but that’s just silly. What the shelters do here is they will not give black kitties out for adoption for Halloween. People used to adopt them from the shelters and then kill them in satanic rituals. What a crime. Poor babies.
I had a black cat and she was so, so sweet.

How is Loreena doing? Any more loose stools?
Just a little bit stressed at this moment,I'm tired but is not for the cats- well not only for the cats...
Loreena is fine, all the family is still esting 4 times a day.Still not seeing her poo.
It means she doesnt eat as much as she did at lunch/dinner time,but I have to change that cos if some plans go ahead I wont be able to be feeding her when she asks for,just at the right hours,
About the plans,a friend/coworker from the hell we worked on for a brief period is setting a school Computering and English one and wants me to be there.Since our school will be ENORMOUS -she,me,the receptionist and ONE room! and she knows nothing about English classes ( my experience is long - as student - I worked just 2 LOONG months ;-)  stuff will be really hard but I do hope it works!

BTW,place is a lot far away from my home - but quite near a medium pet store.
Not sure when/if we will get some money from,but already know where part of my money probably will go end.No doubts some day I will need pick ( and carry it - they deliver but I can be needing faster) some there,
For my surprise a quite small market there has the toilet sand I use - the big ones I have near home doesnt,they just have another,expensiver.
Yes,there are buses but I dont fell like waiting/counting with those everyday.

Anyway,considering I'm not working, and not putting a dime on this,its worth of trying - the worse that can happen is me working one month more without payment and getting some feet blisters instead :-)
Tell you more about when we start - if I get time for...

Hope the girls dont find a way to escape by the bathroom window,they are now big and stronger enought to remove the protection I put on and maybe small enough to pass through the space got,

1- Bout me "No Bees no honey,NO WORK NO MONEY"
2 Seens like Joy has no other home anymore :-(
Just received a sms answer from the one I always believed would be her good stepmother and I was waiting solve some familiar health problem to pick her.She said she had to rescue 6 newborn ones last weekend,its going crazy with then and has no place for Joy anymore.
I dont know if its just an excuse,I want to believe its not but I feel quite bad just the same,I dont know how can someone reject the one she had wished before born and - at least I was believing that - loved since then
I would have taken care of the girl for some more time for her,if she had showed the situation is provisory.But now I`m getting afraid of giving her,even if she wish it later on

3-Joy`s poo had some white small cilindrical worms.Can be dipilidiun
She shows no other worm signs - and mercifully doesnt feel abandoned since the only owner she knows til now its me.I do, sometimes...
All the family was dewormed yesterday, and I had to buy one  Dogs Frontiline,for them to share since 3 pipes of Cats Frontilne was ABSOLUTELLY out of my budget.
Not sure if I placed it ok, just a flea came from Loreena and she still scrathes a little but now in a diferent place,you can see nothing there
VVet said I shouldnt have done it but lab costumer service said theres no big danger so I did it.BTW, by the time I talked with him it was already done - he had no replied my msgs - he said he didnt receive those.

Dewormer no caused then to be lethargic- it never happens.(nor with vacinations) On the opposite,they played by thenselves a lot tonight.Blessed little fellas,wish we could  live happy and mindless like them ( not sure about mindless being the proper word but  Im not in the mood to check a thesaurus crying)

Oh no.  How very disappointing your friends didn't come through for Joy...or for you.  I know you're struggling to take care of all 3 as it is :(  Wish there was something I could do, other than just words.  

I know, that Frontline is Very expensive.  I'm getting ready to go get some for Jade.  We've been using Advantage, but it's clearly not working at all for her anymore so will switch, but still have 4 vials of Advantage left and hate to waste the money, but if it doesn't work?...

As long as the Frontline is placed on the skin which is the most important, it'll likely work.  Fleas are just running away from the site, I would assume.  You really shouldn't use the one for dogs, but you know that now.  I can see you're doing your very best under some hard circumstances.  You've always been such a good mom to these kitties and I know it hasn't been easy for you and suspect you may go without something in order to care for them.  

Hugs to you.  You and the girls are in my prayers.  Maybe you'll be able to find another home for Joy, meanwhile, you're right, you're the only mommy she knows :)
Sorry, Apple, that you are having so much distress.  If I lived closer to you I would take Joy in a heartbeat!  Do you know of anyone else close to you that you know would give her a good home?  I use Frontline Plus for my kitties, I'm not sure how that is different from the regular frontline. I will be praying things work out for you and for little Joy.
Oh ABr that is so sad for poor little Joy, is there anyway you can afford to keep her too? Is there someone who can help you with expenses?....I sure wish I/we could in some way dear.
the poor baby, I know something will work wishes.
Thank you for supporting.
Prayers are welcome,always -It doesnt matter your religion...
Opus, unfortunatelly the answer for the help with expenses is no.
Seems like everyone that loves pets I know is keeping some more than fit in their budgets already :(
Anyway,I cant count with someone money, I need my own !
I hope I can manage to get some soon - but the girls would be spayed even if that was the last thing I could do for them!
Not in the same place Loreena was,in that one cheaper ( L vet ) and I cant deny sending 2 at the same time there scares me but considering the circunstances and the fact this vet would want them to take pills after,its the best to be done.
ASAP - probably next month .Went there yesterday to ask a few  things

Never in my whole life I wished to be living in USA the way I`m wishing now.
Neither when I was a kid and Disney fan -nor after University and no jobs in my field coming.
I`m pretty sure animals have more opportunities in your country,even the poor ones without a home count with better rescue centers.ASPCA is heard by Holliwood...
I know you also have big problems managing stray animals but even so its a lot better than here
Not to count all of you folks from MH,excellent stepmothers and stepfathers( I only remember PIP name but...)

Dogs are more popular here,people( great part of them) believe cats can live fine by thenselves,and blah blah,blah

Well thats all by now.Post more later on

Linda, Joy would love you, Im sure! And you will love her even more,she`s smart and loving,she loves a lap and,as her sister ,she accepts to be touched everywere,belly inclusive ( Loreena only admit touching her belly when in a fantastic mood - for a second)
PS Newborns rescued were 3, I had write 6.Who did said God put then on her way to be helped ( they were on the river about to be drowned-so she said...
I had to fight hard against my inner feelings for not to say "Guess He`s remembering you you had a girl somewhere and was not giving her attention"
Now instead of one 4 to 5 mo girl dewormed and vacinated she will have 3 little ones to nurse and worry about...
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