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My cat has smelly stool and gas (beyond normal)
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My cat has smelly stool and gas (beyond normal)

Hi,  I have a new kitten (my friend couldn't keep her).  I have 3 other cats - so I am familiar with dealing with smelly litter boxes.  However, this cat has a very strong rotten (like rotten teeth) odor after he has a bm and it lingers on his back end  (my clothes even smell after he gets off my lap) he also has horrible gas that smells rotten.   I have only had him for two days - I know that the home he was born into had many cats with little vet care.  I know that this boy has had some shots and one wormer - (he appeared to have worms when my friend took him to the vet).   I am wondering if the smell could be from poor diet or from dead worms that are passing in the stool.  Is there anything that I can do to help him pass this - it doesn't seem healthy - infact he is also very thin.   He is not yet neutered  but I will neuter him after I get him healthy.  Thank you in advance for any advise you can give.  
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HEY, us humans have stinky bm's and gas too.  And, if ya notice sometimes it's worse than others depending on what ya eat.  I believe the same thing applies to cats.  I honestly don't think it's worms rotting!!

My mom's 2 new kittens were doing the stinky bm and foul gas, too.  The reason that I came up with is that they were NOT on kitten chow.  They were eating regular cat chow, and I think it was too rough on the kittens' digestive system.  They are both about 5 mos. old now, and the bms are nowhere near as stinky.  

Switch up the diet, and you'll see a change!
Hi!  Congatulations on your new kitten, but it sure sounds like he might need some special care.

How old is he now?   I am concerned about his vaccination and deworming history.   Your best bet for him is to get him to your veterinarian for a good physical examination soon.   Depending on what vaccines he has had, your veterinarian may suggest another round or two depending on his age and health status.

Also, most kittens need to be dewormed every 3 weeks until they are over 12 weeks old and then it is still a good idea to use some sort of prophylactic deworming at least every 3 months.

Has this kitten been tested for feline leukemia and/or FIV?   How about your other cats?  Are they tested?   Do any of your cats go outside?

Zodiacqueen has the right idea...he needs to be on a good quality diet.  I am less concerned about the kitten/cat food difference than I am the quality of the diet.  Consider getting some Iams, Science Diet or Pro Plan kitten formulations.   What do you fed your other cats?

I hope this gets better for you soon!   Sounds like your nose needs a break!!  :-)

My neice had a cat with feline aids and he would stink bad. He was very skiny and would have diarhea (diarrhea) bad. He also stunk up the whole room when he went and that smell would stay on him until we bathed him. We eventually had to put him down because he got worse.  Also at the end he would be increasingly aggitated easily and would hiss at everyone that walked by.

Please take this cat to the vet and have him checked!  
When my 6 yr old girl was a baby- she could clear out a room.  My mom would believe that she had gas until she came home one day and the living room where she was passed out sleeping reeked. Mom looked everywhere for her to have gone and nothing was there.  She followed mom into another room and let loose again.  She believed me then.

We discovered it was the canned food we were giving them along with the kitten chow.  It was the beef flavored one.  What a difference when we didn't give her that stuff.  

The canned beef was like beans in people- Whew-

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