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My cat was spayed May 5th still not eatin May 15th
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My cat was spayed May 5th still not eatin May 15th

I adapted a 10 month old female cat at a shelter on May 2nd. I wanted to take her home that day but the shelter help said they needed to spay her first. Their policy is to spay or neuter before releasing the pet. I challenged that policy and told them I will have my vet spay her, they refused. Long story short, my cat, who only arrived at the shelter April 30th, had to stay four more days until a vet can be available to spay her. I didn't want that to happen fearing she would attract an upper respiratory infection the longer she stays there. I was irate that it took four days to have this done. I demanded to speak to a supervisor. That person tells me that I could have taken her home May 2nd and let my vet spay her. He blamed the front desk personnel for misleading me. The spaying took place on May 5th. I picked her up May 6th. She was a totally different cat. When I left her on May 2nd, she was vibrant and alert. Since taking her home she's been somewhat lethargic, refusing to eat. She drinks water, though. I took her to my vet on May 9th. She had a 102.5 fever, a little dehydrated, had an upper respiratory infection, some swelling around her stitches and she hasn't eaten yet on her own. My vet administered a vitamin and an antibiotic shot. He hydrated her also. He gave me perscriptiuon AD food and amoxicillin for the infection. I have to feed her three times a day through a syringe give her the amoxicillin twice a day and also a vitamin paste. On May 12th, I went back to my vet to do blood work on her. My vet also gave me a stronger antibiotic because her fever jumped to 104.4 degrees. The results of the blood work came back negative except for a slightly high white bllod cell count, which would explain her infection. Well, today May 15th, I am still orally feeding her through the syringe because she still doesn't eat on her own. She's still a little conjested, discharge still coming from her eyes and snots from her nose. A little less then earlier but still an issue. She seems to move better and is now fighting me more when I feed her. She now only drinks water from a pot I have in the kitchen sink and the faucet must be on. I think she likes the bubbles in the water. She seems to drink more when the faucet is running in the pot. I'm waiting for a fecal result we took on May 12th. I haven't heard anything so it means that there are not worms. They would have called if they found something in the stool. Oh yeh, my cat finally made a stool on May 12th. A small one but that's encouraging
I hope. My question is how much longer do you think it will take for my cat, Sandy, to start eating on her own? I Also haven't seen her clean herself yet. That's strange isn't it?  Even though, I'm feeding her with a syringe, shouldn;t she at least do a little self cleaning? It's been 10 days now since she was spayed. How much longer do you think it will take for Sandy to become a normal self sufficient cat again? I'm worried she will get used to me feeding her and she will forget how to eat on her own. One more thing, I did try to give her regular cat food that had some little chunks of meat that I finger fed her. She started coughing after swallowing it. What can that mean? Thanks, Pete
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I am so sorry for the problems Sandy is having poor little sweetheart. you are doing all the right things, it could be a complication of spaying? I will include a link

however I think its more likely d/t the infection and antibiotics both can cause lack of appetite and lethargy but more than anything it could well be because of the upper respiratory infection (URI). she's all congested up and since kitties will not eat when they are unable to smell that could be the biggest culprit.
The best treatment you can give her is a supplement L-lysine 500mg in her food(or by syringe) for up to a week than 250mg for maintenance thereafter, its avail at any Health Food supply, get the human form believe it or not its much cheaper and has alot fewer fillers and harmful ingredients than the pet form. the safe brands for cats are:
-Now Foods powder
-Carlson Labs powder
-Source Naturals
I think these last 3 come in capsule so the capsule would have to be opened up and the contents taken out, mix with a small amount of water and syringe to her.This is for her immune system, I'm surprised your Vet didn't tell you to give her this, its very common and one of the best treatments you can give her...since this URI is a virus the only way to help is to strengthen her immune system. she has to get stronger and began eating or she won't make it, I'm so sorry to tell you this.
Another thing you can do is steam her in a warm hot bathroom, this will help with the mucus and gunk.

Another product that is supposed to work very well is a herb called STINGING NETTLES again avail as a human herb thru your Health food outlet. this will help clear up the mucus and allow her to breath better. there are again certain manufactures that make with the fewest ingredients that are safest for cats.
-Natures Way Nettle Herb. 435mg capsules
-Solaray Organic Nettle Leaves 450mg capsules
-Planetary Herbals(this one is freeze dried) 420mg caps.
-Eclectic Institute either powder or capsules.
open 1 capsule per day and add a small amount of water to allow you to syringe into her mouth...slowly.

these are two very important supplements L-llysine is the most important for her immune system and Stinging Nettles to help with the mucus.

What are you giving her for food now and how much?
I sure hope Sandy will soon be getting stronger and trying to eat on her heart goes out to you both...((♥))
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I work at a shelter and most all of them do have a policy to only adopt out animal that have been spayed or neutered.  Reducing the unwanted population of cat and dogs by spying/neutering is a primary goal of virtually all shelters and other animal welfare groups.  Most shelters do not have adequate funding to have a full time vet on staff so spay/neuter surgery is typically done by contract one or two days/week.  At my shelter, the director can make exceptions to that policy if the the adopter prefers to have the cat spay/neutered by their own vet and requires the adopter to present and spay/neuter certificate before the adoption can be finalized.  Most shelters are also required by law to hold any animal they intake for a period of time (typically 3 to 10 days) to allow the current owner to reclaim their pet before they can make it available for adoption.

As for her illness, the incubation period for URI is 7 to 10 days.  This is another reason most shelters will hold an animal that period of time to determine if the animal is already infected but not yet showing symptoms at the time of intake.  So in all likelihood, you cat was already infected at the time she first came to the shelter.

100.5 to 102.5 is the normal temperature range for a cat, so 102.5 is not a fever.  It sounds as though the URI she already had was complicated by the additional infection at the incision site.  Most vet no longer use sutures for spay surgery but use medical adhesive.  This minimizes the risk of infection as well eliminates the need for a second procedure to remove the stitches. The double simultaneous infections are certainly enough to make her lethargic and not want to eat, as well as not groom herself.  Once both infections have resolved she should regain her appetite and energy.  She will not forget how to eat.  How long that takes depends on the degree of severity of the infections and the strength of the cat's own immune system.  

What position are you holding the cat in when you force feed her?  It is very important she be in an upright position, not on her back when you feed her.  Food and fluids can be aspirated into the lungs which may why she started coughing.  This can be life threatening because it hampers her ability to breathe.
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Well this morning I hope your little girl is feeling some what better.  You didn't say whether your baby had been tested for feline leukemia, Aids, FIP, ETC.... I have worked for a vet for nearly 30 years and my advise would be to have her checked for all the viruses (if you haven't) and even the herpes virus. Does she have ulcers in her mouth or on her nose, lips?? If so, she probably has a type of herpes, they can give you some nolvadent to help heal the ulcers if she has them. sad part is if you have other cats they can catch it too. I myself got a kitten and took her into work the next day and found her to have the herpes virus. TO LATE I was already in love. I keep her on a lysine granules that helps keep the herpes under control.
If she is still not eating this morning sometimes chicken or turkey baby food will jump start them to eat. Not to much because you don't want to cause her any intestinal distress. Mix with warm water and soften dry cat food with it.
God luck,
Nutmeg 250
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