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New Teia experience.
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New Teia experience.

Today, for the first time since we took her in, Miss Teia Honey got to see a human child.

Her previous folks had 3 young children, but the way the household life was described to me, she had little to no interaction with them.

I came home from some appointments and Missy T was at the door, could see her through the window.  One of our landlady's grand children was on the deck blowing soap-bubbles, just well enough hidden by the BBQ that she could not see him.

I opened the door and Teia sniffed at the sill a little and stepped out.  In response to his, "Look, a kitty," she stopped and stood looking at him.  After a few seconds, Teia commenced the few feet of exploration she's started liking to do.

Miss Teia stayed out a few minutes while I told him a little about her.

Our landlady came out to see who her grandson was speaking to and Teia looked at her before walking back in the sunroom.  By this time Hildiekatt had come out, too.  She asked me to tell her grandson this kitty's name, so I said "Hildie."  "Wow, that almost just like gramma's name (which is Hilda)."

I shooed Hildie in, as it looked like she wanted to go more walkabout than just the deck near the door, closed out the conversation and went inside to give the girls supper before I went to work.

So, brave Miss Teia takes another step forward.
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When Miss Teia first came to us, she only ate dry kibble.

Slowly, over the course of a couple of years and with the aid of using a bowl with straight sides, she has learned to eat wet food (still has trouble eating off a flat plate).

The past few weeks, it looks like Missy T now prefers canned food to dry, to the point where she goes into the kitchen and cries out until I put another spoon of wet food in her bowl.

Right now, she is sleeping atop the back of the couch while her Hildie buddy is asleep in the armchair next to the couch.
good for your girls!!! they know whats best for them.....
My boys still think the dry kibble is a treat, they beg for an 'occasional' treat of a few....I use them as a reward. Sami gets 2 each day after his teeth brushing...Nemo less often:)
your girls are content Pip......good job daddy:))
Brave Teia is right!  LOVE she is eating wet food only!  I have Wellness dry for Jade, and use one or two kibble pieces for a topping to change the smell if she turns her nose up at dinner, but otherwise, she doesn't seem to care much about dry food, thankfully.  Keep a bit of kibble in a bowl for middle of the night if she wants it, but that's it.  

We will use them as a 'treat' in the future, as I discovered once I eliminated even what appeared to be 'good' treats (Blue Buffalo), the vomiting has stopped completely.
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