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I have a cute Torti Shell Kitty that I have had since she was 11 weeks old and now she is 13 years old.
Harmony has just been diagnosed with Sarcoma. It is a "lump" the size of a quarter between her shoulder blades (don't think she is in pain).
My new Vet did biopsies of it, My OLD VET (a house call vet, said it was a cyst about a year ago not to worry about it) now my poor lil baby has cancer.
Harmony went to the Vet hospital because she had stopped eating, but acting normal, just not eating her food but did eat Whiska Lickens Treats???
Vet did blood work and found kidneys were not functioning at 100%, so she stayed 3days to get IV fluids at Vet Hospital. Came home on a low Protein diet & IV Fluids, ate for a few days and stopped again, still normal, still eating treats?
Now the vet said to get Harmony to eat, eat any cat food she likes, found she likes Fancy Feast -Gravy Lovers and still doing IV Fluids at home.
Harmony goes to follow up visit with the Vet on Thursday and they are prob now going to question the Sarcoma.
What do I do? 13 years old - has lived a GREAT, comfortable life, NEVER scratch anything or anyone!
The Vet wants to cut a large margin around this tumor and remove it. But can not say if the cancer has spread or fingered or how bad it may be. And if they remove it, can not guarantee they will get all the cancer, then would be radiation.
Just seems like alot, but she has been acting quite the same as she has been, just not eating her regular diet (Iams).
Do you have any suggestions??
I don't know what to do, wait til she is in pain, do the surgery - I DON'T KNOW!
It breaks my HEART to know my lil baby has to go threw this as GREAT of a cat she has been. The tears I have cried........ sheeesh
Please help
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hi and welcome, unfortunately not for the reason that led you to our site..I'm so sorry about Harmony's diagnosis. VAS or vaccine associated sarcomas are terrible, we do what we've been told is right for our kitties and they end up with a terrible disease such as cancer.

I can't tell you what to do dear, that has to be your call after you do alot of reading. I will send you a site with info also encourage you to read our archives to see what the outcome has been for other pets with the same.
Unfortunately this type of sarcoma has a high instance of reoccurring and when it does it returns with a vengeance.
There is a very small likely hood that the Vet no matter how skilled will get 'all' the tumor.
And after a year its very likely already spread, IMO the not eating is an indication of pain.
I'm so sorry to have to tell you all this bad news.
This is just my own opinion from the reading I've done by other owners. I would myself probably never put one of my own kitties through all the surgery and chemo, but you do what you feel is right for you and in Harmony's best interests. I can feel the love in your letter, she's been well loved for 13 good years. My heart goes out to you both. Please post again anytime.(((♥)))

and here is some reading on a old thread from other can try sending a private message to some of them, most are no longer active members but may still reply to a private message for updates....hope this helps some♥
Harmony is very cute, reminds me a lot of my own Tuna Cat ('78 - '94), as good a cat as there ever was...

Letting go of any loved one, human or furper, when it is best for them is the hardest task we have in that loving.  Let your heart be a voice in this, but let your head take the lead.

Take care - Pip
Thanks for the comments.
I did do some more reading about Sarcoma in cats....... SHHHEEEESHHH is there anything positive about it??????? UMMMMM no - no not what I have read.
Horrible, just horrible :(
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