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Sore on the corner of cat's mouth?
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Sore on the corner of cat's mouth?

I adopted an adult female cat from our local animal shelter a few months ago. She's been fairly healthy except that I had to put her on antibiotics right after adopting her due to sneezing & stuffy nose.

About 3 weeks ago we adopted a 4 month old Border Collie. It's been difficult getting the cat & puppy to get along. Earlier this week I noticed a sore on the outer corner of my cat's mouth, with fur loss on the lower lip. I'm not sure if this is from the puppy or if it could be some sort of ulcer from stress possibly? It seems to be getting a little swollen & very pink in color. I've tried dabbing it with peroxide because I truly thought maybe the puppy hurt her, but now I'm wondering if it might be something else??? Can cats get mouth sores? She's eating normally, is affectionate, & isn't acting like she's in pain, but the sore looks like it would be painful to me.

What should I do? Thanks for any advice you might offer!

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Is your cat still on antibiotics? If not it's possible it's a pocket infection. In the mouth area, it could be a dental issue. Regardless, have her checked and put on the medication again to be safe. mouth infections can cause serious dental problems/tooth loss.

It could be feline herpes. Also, cats with feline AIDS, leukemia, or even the flu will sometimes get mouth sores. Kidney problems can also cause sores, as well as calcivirus.

Sorry, a long list of possible problems, I know. I'd advise getting your cat tested to be sure it isn't serious.
Thank you so much for your prompt reply. >*<
I heard back from my Vet, who is kind enough to give me telephone advice without seeing my animals, and she said it could indeed be the Calcivirus. She recommended Lysine so as to help reduce the time of infection in the event it is. Otherwise, it could be that his teeth are the source. She gave me a name for that but I forget now. But it's like he's allergic to his teeth and so the mouth tissues, especially near the throat inflame and make it painful to eat.

However, in that case I've not seen Merlin have a problem with eating. No sensitive reactions like spitting out his dry food.
I now have an appointment to get him checked for Feline HIV and Leukemia. And just in case, I can get a feline formula of Lysine, over the counter at my Vet's. I know Lysine helps a great deal with people who suffer herpes, so as to reduce the outbreaks, so this being an essential amino acid is good for Merlins overall health in any case.

I hope my question and both of our replies regarding possible diagnosis and healing may help someone else in the same situation.

Be Well.
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