What is this hard scab-like stuff on my cat's neck?
by gia3747, Aug 15, 2010
The love of my life Bella, a 7 year old grey tabby has this weird scab-like substance under her chin and around her neck. She has been scratching constantly for nearly 3 days now. When I examine it, she doesn't seem to mind or act like she is in pain. It has happened before and seems to go away on its own, but I don't want her to be in any discomfort. She is an indoor cat and doesn't have fleas. Could it be some kind of skin irritation or bug of some kind? (please excuse my poor spelling :)

Thanks all!
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by Jade59Blank, Aug 15, 2010
Hi, welcome to the cat forum.  The very first thing that comes to mind is an allergy to plastic.  By any chance do you feed Bella out of a plastic bowl?  
by opus88Blank, Aug 15, 2010
I agree!! that is the first thing to try, remove the plastic and use metal or ceramic dishes and wash often...
this is usually a condition called 'feline acne'
If using different dishes doesn't work, buy a product from a health foods store called ''colliadol silver' and dab chin with a cotton ball, I used this when one of mine had an out break and it cleared it up in 2 days.
keep us update...and yes welcome.
by nancyjac, Aug 16, 2010
Most likely it is ringworm which is a common fungal infection.  In cats it often resolves on its own but the fungus is very hardy and can persist in the environment for months (both in the air and on any contact surfaces resulting in periodic reappearance on your cat.  You can treat her with any antifungal cream such as Tinactin or get a dip from your vet.  To treat surfaces that may harbor the fungus, bleach is most effective.
by opus88Blank, Aug 16, 2010
I agree....the before mentioned Colloidal Silver is also an antimicrobial agent. and works wonderful for fungus as well as infections...for topical applications, but not as a cleansing agent.
by Jade59Blank, Sep 03, 2010
Hey Gia.  Just wanted to let you know the plastic bowl was only a guess on my part.  Please don't think this is for sure the problem just because coincidentally, you use plastic bowls.  However, I will Hope for Bella that's all it is.  It very well "could" be ringworm, though.  

If you have time in the near future, would you please give an update at some point about Bella's condition so we know if it was the plastic or what.

Thanks, Gia :)  
by catmandoo, Oct 17, 2013
thats horrible advice to put bleach on your pet. it is most likely an allergy probably to a certain food. a lot of cats are allergic to beef.also flea allergies,use a flea comb to see if there are any fleas first,regular combs brushes wont work.some cats though they love it are allergic to wet food.wash your cat with dawn soap regularly (once month or two months)this will help this problem.some cat shampoos actually have an ingredient that is very toxic to cats,i dont know why they sell it.i dont recomend steroid shot,hydroxyzene is a little better but try to avoid medications.
by opus88Blank, Oct 17, 2013
the mention of bleach was to "clean SURFACES that may harbor the fungus"...surfaces such as bedding, floors etc.
I assure you if anyone had suggested using bleach on their cat that post would have been promptly removed...
And I too would have been very angry to see any such thing mentioned...

by shannon781, Oct 19, 2013
I know you mentioned that your cat does not have fleas, but sometimes, you can't see them. They do not spend their entire life cycle on the animal. Make sure that you are using a topical product (frontline/advantage) once a month to make sure this is definitely not the problem. Fleas are the most common cause of itching in our animals and cause a bumpy, scabby kind of feeling under the chin and around the neck. It could also be feline acne, but this generally only occurs right on the chin and is treated by benzoyl peroxide wipes. Ringworm isn't usually as generalized as your are describing, but it can look like anything, so it's still on the list. Cats aren't really known for having food/environmental allergies as commonly as dogs. I would put my money on fleas. You must treat your little one for a minimum of 3 months to break the lifecycle, but the cat should be treated all year round. Fleas have been extra horrible these past couple years and people that swear they have never had a problem with fleas are now having issues. They live in the environment and can be brought in the house on shoes, clothing, etc. They survive in the carpet, under furniture, etc. I can almost guarantee the problem. Good luck!
by AnnieBrooke, Oct 20, 2013
My cats used to get feline acne, it looked exactly as described here.  Scabby, not painful.  I would comb the scabs away and put a topical antibiotic on them, and they would clear up pretty well.