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diarrhea and swollen anus
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diarrhea and swollen anus

Hi,  Our cat has diarrhea - it seems that she licks and licks herself and then it happens (the diarrhea) or it just happens .... Her anus is also red and swollen .  Now we have taken her to the vet, he gave her a couple of injections and she was okay for the afternoon.  Now unfortunately we were told to keep her in for a couple of days but our 3 year old daughter let her out :(  The vet mentioned to us that he thinks that she has been mated with and that also could be why bottom is so red.  Now unfortunately again after she came back after being out, the diarrhea has started up again poor thing.  Now we inherited our cat (we were only meant to look after her for a couple of weeks) but now she is ours and a much loved part of our family.  But we were told that she had been sprayed or fixed sorry not sure of the corrected terminology is there anyway just by looking at her I can tell for sure.  Also we live in Greece and vet language is not really in my  vocab so if I can go with some extra knowledge and advice when I take her back to the vet (in english and get someone here to help me translate my questions) that would be really helpful.  Please any help will be great.  I just hate thinking that she is in pain or sick in anyway.
Ps she doesn't have worms.
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Hi I hope we can give you some help, yes the correct terminology is SPAYED...(or fixed works too)
there is no way of telling if she has been spayed, you will find out soon enough if she mated with a male...she will soon be pregnant.
I don't know if thats whats causing the red anus(?)  if she is having alot of diarrhea that alone would cause her anus to be red and swollen.....
if she doesn't have worms than the only thing I can think that would cause it is her diet....what do you feed her?
Allergies to certain foods can cause IBS and diarrhea.

I will wait for your reply...♥
There are many internal parasites that can cause diarrhea that are not worms.  Coccidia and giardia are two fairly common ones.  Since the vet gave her injections he may have treated her for one or both of these.  If it has been just a day or so since you took to the vet, it may take a bit longer for the diarrhea to clear up.  You might also try adding some probiotics to her food.
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